Tiefschwarz (Souvenir/Watergate) + Silky (No 19/Dialogue) Holiday party at Audio.

Event has passed (Sat Dec 22, 2018 - Sat Dec 22, 2018)
09:30 PM
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Tiefschwarz (Souvenir/Watergate) + Silky (No 19/Dialogue) at Monarch.
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21+ 9:30PM - 4AM
TIEFSCHWARZ BIO: In a world of ever recycled trends, Tiefschwarz (deep black) is that most classic of shades. Its timeless style is testament to its staying power, and with a DJ and production career spanning over 14 years, this German deep house duo have proven just how apt a moniker can be. Born and bred in Stuttgart, brothers Ali and Basti Schwarz’s passion for techno and deep house flourished their initial experience as DJs in the early 90’s at the now legendary clubs that Ali ran in their home town, ON –U and Red Dog. This led to the formation of Tiefschwarz in 1997, from which they found rapid success with their debut single ‘Music’ (on Francois K’s Wave Music label) and album Ral 9005. By 2001, this had been licensed to the London label Classic Recordings from where they springboarded to international recognition. They decided to make the move to Berlin, at the time fast becoming the epicentre of a true electronic music renaissance, from where they pursued a hectic touring schedule and remixing the likes of Cassius, The Rapture, Missy Elliott, Kelis and their personal heroes Masters At Work. They then scored a double whammy with their all-conquering crossover hit remix of Spektrum’s ‘Kinda New’ and the single ‘Isst’ off their 2005 long-player, ‘Eat Books’. This was also the year that electrohouse dominated the charts and minimal the clubs, but Tiefschwarz have never allowed themselves to be tied down to a certain sound, staying true to their love of melody as demonstrated on their contribution to the Fabric mix series that year. A series of high profile mixes in 2006, including Depeche Mode, Madonna, Roxy Music, Booka Shade, Phonique, Plastikman, dOP, and many others saw them continue perfecting their distinctive sound. Yet this was also the year in which Ali and Basti gravitated back to Berlin to found their own label, Souvenir. Basti explains “We like the idea of seeing music as a souvenir, an impression you take from somewhere. Something intimate that you remember”. They haven’t let this slow down their impressive production workload though, with a ten year anniversary compilation and a 2010 follow up album ‘Chocolate’ made in collaboration with Santé, and featuring Cassy, Seth Troxler, Dave Aju amongst others. At a perfect time to take stock of their career, the brothers are proudly contributing the ninth installment in the Watergate mix series, and have chosen a number of tracks that simultaneously pay homage to the tracks that shaped the beginnings of their career whilst also remaining very much forward looking. After years of constant touring, however, their Souvenir label has allowed them to lay down more permanent roots back in Berlin. It’s a place to foster talent, both young and old, not only in a sense of releasing records but also as a platform to share mutual experiences within a common network, a close core of artists work together including Ruede Hagelstein, Maher Daniel, the brothers Santé and Re.You, Ali & Basti at the helm. With plenty more artists on the roster as well as a digital only subsidiary, Souvenir Plus, and a debut LP from Hagelstein on the horizon, there is promise of plenty yet to come for the Schwarz brothers’ imprint.
SILKY BIO: In just a few short years Silky has established a sterling reputation as an artist through an impressive catalogue of releases and a long list of club and festival appearances. The London-born producer maintains a consistently high work ethic, locking himself in his studio to compose fresh new ideas on a daily basis and hitting the road most weekends. His positive demeanour and approachable nature also make him one of the nicest guys in the business, traits that will undoubtedly see him continue on his pathway to the highest levels of success. Currently based in Los Angeles, Silky’s depth of knowledge and appreciation for the roots of house music stem from his youth, when he became enthralled with electronic music – at the time, in his local area, it was still virtually a ‘fringe’ genre, and he was isolated from many of his peers at school for being into music that wasn’t considered ‘the norm’. Despite this, he stayed ardent in his love for house and techno, following his heart to become a DJ. At one of his gigs he met Frankie Knuckles… the two hit it off immediately and Frankie became a mentor to Silky, passing down the same outlook and ethos that made the Godfather Of House such a respected pillar of the dance music community. In the years since that relationship was formed Silky has worked tirelessly to establish himself as a formidable artist and immediately found himself associated with several high-profile labels. With a background in piano playing, his production skills set him apart from many of his peers and he had remixes on labels such as Lower East, Alola and Superfreq. More recently, Silky has also appeared on No.19 Music, My Favorite Robot, Akbal, OFF Recordings and Culprit (with his disCerN project). His sound ethic focuses on the deeper, more emotive side of house music with a driving and uplifting atmosphere and occasion dalliances with the dark side. In between his studio sessions, Silky also tours heavily, sharing his passion for house and techno with the rest of the world. Having spent much of his youth mixing with vinyl, his technical know-how and musical knowledge are of an exceptional level and he regularly wows crowds from Hawaii to Hong Kong, still utilising vinyl in all of his sets. In fact, Silky has been booked to play at several of the world’s most influential club spaces and festivals including; Lost Beach Club in Ecuador, Output in New York, Watergate in Berlin, Kee Club in Hong Kong, Spybar in Chicago, The Standard Rooftop in Los Angeles and Mexico’s BPM Festival. He was also recently selected for a much-coveted place on Mixmag’s Los Angeles Lab sessions, performing a scintillating live mix. Running in tandem with his musical endeavours, Silky has also put his business nous into starting his own label, Faceless Recordings, which has been off to an impressive start with its early releases championed by the likes of industry heavyweights, Dixon, Ame, Mano Le Tough, Thugfucker, and more. He also picked up universal praise from within the industry and from fans alike, for his collaborative project with Jonny Cruz, which was entitled disCerN. Full of drive and determination, Silky continues to pour everything he has into his musical endeavours with several collaborations already in the pipeline. Heavyweights such as Timo Maas, Thugfucker, Nitin, James Teej and Greg Pidcock are among several names he is teaming up with. Silky’s passion is unrelenting, his talent undeniable and his productions are consistently picking up positive feedback from a long list of influential tastemakers. With a firm focus on his future, an unrivalled understanding of his history and a foundation provided by the Godfather of House, Silky’s destiny is already assured…   


  1. Audio 316 11th Street, San Francisco, CA