Third Fridays | Home/Sick

Event has passed (Fri Jan 19, 2018 - Fri Jan 19, 2018)
302 Folsom Street
06:00 PM
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Third Fridays transforms vacant retail space into valuable free community space. Each month, The East Cut Community Benefit District transforms inactive, vacant space into free space for local art, culture and community. Two Third Fridays events in October and November of 2016 attracted over 1000 participants. To give your ideas or contribute to a future Third Fridays project please email [email protected] 
Home/Sick' is an exhibition that explores the production of different dimensions of experience through recollection of the past and speculation about the future. The emotional state of homesickness is reflective of the strength of one’s attachment to feelings, experiences, places, or events that are usually associated with the concept of home, and that are longed for in their absence in the present. While the curatorial impetus for Home/Sick is grounded in a particularly intimate mood, this is merely a point of departure for more expansive themes, ranging from concrete realities and lived experiences to reflections on the social imaginary and utopian alternative narratives. Work that addresses the challenges and potentialities of the intersectionality of past, present, and future; socially engaged and political art; use of methods that evoke the ambiguity of homesickness; and art that confronts the context in which it is made are just a few examples of artistic interrogations that are encouraged


  1. 302 Folsom Street 302 Folsom, San Francisco, CA