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All you need is love. Besides food and water and shelter, love really is all you need to sustain you. We're not talking about your basic romantic love, but love of life. Love for what you do and how you live and where you live it. This week it's all about love for whatever it is that makes you happy.

Movies make us happy. Check out Wes Anderson's short film (and prequel to upcoming feature The Darjeeling Limited) "Hotel Chevalier" at The Apple Store. It's 12-minutes of cinematic joy. Didn't get enough love at Burning Man? There'll be plenty ways to catch up this week, starting off with Qool, at 111 Minna, the official party kick-off for LoveWeek. There's car people and then there's artcar people. This weekend find out the difference when these carlovers show off their amazing creations.

There'll be plenty of good vibes at The Lovelee Party at Mighty on Friday night. The beats will be thrown down and so will the drinks. Now, don't get too crazy because Saturday is the eagerly-awaited LoveFest. The parade will be followed by a festival in Civic Center Plaza featuring dozens of the world's best DJs. Another anticipated event is the leather, S&M and public nudity extravaganza otherwise known as the Folsom Street Fair. We hope you've stocked up on baby powder and lube to get into all your latex outfits! We mentioned how great movies are right? Well, docs are even better. When Monday rolls around, the 6th annual SF Docfest will be the way to go.

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09/29/07 at Civic Center, SF
LoveFest Parade & Festival
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Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007 See All Events
at Great American Music Hall (8pm)
Drums and Guns is the band's eighth full-length album and second for Sub Pop. It's also, after 2005's The Great Destroyer, the second album they've recorded with producer Dave Fridmann. Drums and Guns features a number of songs that ardent Low fans will recognize from the band's recent live shows...
at Apple Store (9pm)
Join fellow fans for a special screening of Wes Anderson's new short film Hotel Chevalier starring Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman. This 12-minute short set entirely in a Paris hotel room is a prequel to Anderson's new film The Darjeeling Limited. Please arrive early as seating is limited.
Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007 See All Events
at 111 Minna (5pm - 10pm)
Qool is already a lovefest, but we're making it official tonight. As the official LoveWeek kickoff party for the San Francisco Lovefest, we've got a most sooper line-up for you. Momu (live), DJ Prana, and Alain Octavo will be joining Gil, Scott Carrelli, Jerry Bonham and Jondi & Spesh. Love-ly!
at The Independent (8pm)
"The Brooklyn-based group is known not only for its passionate, inspired music, but also for redefining the art of do-it-yourself record production and promotion. They released their self-titled debut CD on their own label (also called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), distributed it to stores and radio stations and promoted it through their Web site entirely on their own.
Thursday, Sep 27, 2007 See All Events
at Little Marina Green (10am)
Amoeba to Amoeba Caravan in SF! The internationally acclaimed ArtCar Fest celebrates its 11th annual event September 27-30, 2007 traveling through San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, and Santa Cruz.
at Regency Center (5pm - 9:30pm)
This Fall, green is the color of the season at Appel & Frank's Eco-Chic Shopping Event - the company's first-ever event with an environmental conscience. This event will feature a number of "green" designers and products for the chic and eco-friendly individual.
at Beauty Bar (8pm - 11pm)
"That's right - we will be spreading the French connection in California with a special all-French mix, with French music or songs sung in French ranging from the 1960s groovy French scene to the French 80s classics to the hottest French rock & electronic bands of today..."
at ATA (8pm)
The Latin palindrome means "We turn in the night, consumed by fire" and is the title of Guy Debord's last film. For this occasion we have prepared an English language voiceover from the translation of the film script by Ken Knabb....
Friday, Sep 28, 2007 See All Events
at The Concourse at SF Design Center (8pm)
"Since they first met a decade ago, the Chemical Brothers have been on a mission. Their aims: to find the sounds no one had heard before, to push their music as far as it will go, to make each record fresher and more exciting than the last. And from "Song To The Siren" in 1992 to the brain-blitzing mutant psychedelia of their third album...
at Mighty (9pm)
Hear it, Love it and Call Lee's sound what you want...techy grooves, acid laced funk, fat bass lines with a progressive edge, deep house and of course breaks thrown in for good measure Lee launched his colorful career in the early 90's creating unforgettable nights that helped lay the foundation for Hong Kong's now thriving underground scene.
at CELLspace (9pm)
Dance to tunes by DJ Shindog (New Wave City) and Thomas Diablo (Strangelove)! Watch Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore and other Oscar worthy golfing films! Putt on the finest 9 hole mini golf course in the Mission!
at 1015 (9pm - 6am)
The world's number one DJ Paul van Dyk as a part of Love Fest and his In Between album tour.
at House of Stormz (10pm)
To commemorate our sisters and brothers of this nation and all others who've fallen at the hands of tyranny and our inability to change light bulbs to fluorescents. Wear red! In celebration of the warrior spirit in honor of a community that stands for an institution for change!
Saturday, Sep 29, 2007 See All Events
at Civic Center Plaza (noon - 9pm)
San Francisco Love Fest is not your ordinary parade. Instead of standing on the sidelines watching it go by, everyone is encouraged to dance in the streets with the floats as the parade moves by.
at The Ferry Building (noon)
Teams of 2 solve clues to find checkpoints where they must take photos or perform skill challenges. You may call friends to help with clues an you may run or take public transportation. Take the dare!
at YBCA (7pm)
Small city, big talent. San Francisco's design community is the largest per capita of any major US city. And with that many creatives packed into 7x7, its no wonder the level of work produced continues to inspire internationally.
at The Fillmore (8pm)
"Gregg Gills has built up a party-obsessed cult following as Girl Talk over the past 5 years. The project began with Gillis tearing apart mainstream music using digital signal processing (DSP) and re-piecing various songs back together into glitchy avant-garde renditions of pop music...
at Temple Nightclub (9pm)
In a time of war, it's pretty awesome San Francisco gets to play host to an event that takes over the streets, the Civic Center plaza, and even City Hall to celebrate the values our country needs a lot more of :: tolerance, understanding, strength in diversity, the power of unity and yes- Love. More
at Ruby Skye (9pm)
"L.A.'s Crystal Method have been referred to as America's answer to the Chemical Brothers. A dance-based electronic duo with a definite rock band feel, the comparison would seem appropriate, although it tends to erase what makes the group distinct: a solid base in American hip-hop, rock, soul, and pop. Formed in 1993 by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, Crystal Method is the most recent stop in a string of projects that led them from their native Las Vegas (and some forgettable four-track stabs at vocal house music), to the early-'90s L.A. rave scene." -
at Underground Location (10pm - 8am)
Holy moly this party is going to be huge, an underground with Miguel Migs (Salted/Om-Records) an afterparty for LoveFest...this might sell out. We are really excited about this one, wait untill you see our surprise special guest djs hohoho, Christmas might just come early for the Underground music lovers in SF on this Saturday night.
at Icon Ultra Lounge (10pm - 3am)
You don't wanna to miss this. Icon presents Disorientation hosted by Shauvon from Real World Sydney. Featuring D J Mei-Lwun in the main room and various other DJ's throughout the night. Come hang out with your favorite stars of the Real World and the dancers of Desired Temptations.
Sunday, Sep 30, 2007 See All Events
at The Ferry Building (8am)
The 31st Annual "Glide Floss Bridge to Bridge Run/Walk" will be held on Sunday, September 30 and is expected to draw 10,000 participants to one of the most scenic running and walking events in America, as well as one of the oldest events of its kind in California.
at SF County Fair Building (10am - 6pm)
Guest speakers (Dr. John McDougall, Howard Lyman, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Milton Mills, Dr. Elliott Katz to name a few). Cooking demonstrations featuring international vegetarian cuisine, food samples, education, exhibits on health, humane and environmental topics, and entertainment will be part of the weekend's activities. "You do not have to be a vegetarian to come", says Dixie Mahy, president of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society...
at Great Meadow at Fort Mason (11am - 6pm)
Tom Mazzolini, founder and producer of the San Francisco Blues Festival, has announced the line-up for this September's annual blues extravaganza at the magnificent Great Meadow at Fort Mason. This year's festival marks the 35th anniversary for the long-running production, which began in 1973 and is the oldest blues festival in the world.
at Folsom Between 7th & 12th (11am - 6pm)
The world's largest leather event! The 2007 Folsom Street Fair will be showcasing a roster of world-renowned alternative rock acts along side up-and-coming talent from far and wide.
at Herbst Pavilion (11am - 6pm)
A fine art fair featuring American, European, Pacific Rim & California art from the Old Masters to the Twenty-first Century, including paintings, sculpture, works on paper, fine prints & photography. The fair opens with a Gala Preview.
at Bambuddha Lounge (2pm - 8pm)
Featuring Aaron Pope vs. JZ, Alain Octavo vs. Mike Giannini, Jeffrey Allen vs. Zach Moore, Sen-Sei and Andrew Phelan (Live!), Gil vs. Fei-Fei, & surprise guest appearances...
Monday, Oct 1, 2007 See All Events
at Roxie New College Film Center (see listing for exact times)
The 6th San Francisco Documentary Festival is not a film festival. It's a journey... to fantastic, fearsome, and fascinating real life. Get to know Nick Drake, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, and the Warhol Factory's Danny Williams a little better. Experience the joy of success and the agony of defeat on the competitive dachsund-racing circuit and the indie rock scene...
at Dance Mission Theatre (8pm)
Beat drums and get in shape! Cardio Taiko is the revolutionary new cardio-taiko-drumming exercise class guaranteed to energize, slenderize and empower you, while keeping your feet moving and your hands drumming!
Features   This Week's Articles See All Articles
More Italian Comes to the Mission
By Amy Sherman (Sep 20, 2007)
Farina's transformation of the 50s style "Anna's Danish Cookies" bakery into an industrial/Italian apothecary-chic space is nothing short of amazing. The large, airy floorplan is divided into various distinct areas. Facing the street, where an old-timey red and white awning used to mark this residential block of 18th Street, are curved floor to ceiling windows with intimate tables for two; there are booth seats along the side...
Not Fascists, Artists
By Jesse Nathan (Sep 20, 2007)
After two albums slid below the public radar, Brooklyn quintet The National sprung Alligator (2005) and Boxer (2007) on startled rock fans nationwide. Pieced together in 1999 by five friends from Cincinnati, The National's ascent via Alligator offered the band members the opportunity to make music full time -- and it was an opportunity they seized.
The Best Shows for October
By John Zaterka (Sep 20, 2007)
To some it's all about three chords and the truth, to others music is universal. Crossing international borders and boundaries it becomes clear you don't need to understand the lyrics in order to know when something makes you move. This October, SF hosts a slew of acts from across the bay and around the world that are united in getting bodies in motion by mining that universal groove.
SF Station Blows It Up
By Misha Vladimirskiy (Sep 20, 2007)
Trying to get into the crowd to get a good spot to shoot The Sounds should have been a sign of things to come with fans squished to the front of the stage and air so hot that from the first set I was sweating. Being at the front when Maja and the boys hit the stage was pretty amazing because it felt like I was standing inside a wave that moved from side to side.
Released on Rough Trade Records, 6/18/07
By Lynne Angel (Sep 20, 2007)
Whistling and bongos -- two things I never imagined would pair well. But not only do they pair well, they have actually made it too "cool". Tell me you haven't gotten the Peter Bj÷rn and John track "Young Folks" stuck in your head, that you haven't found yourself whistling along to the intro, and I will have to challenge you to a duel. It's darn catchy!
Released on Putumayo Records, 8/25/07
By J. Poet (Sep 20, 2007)
Israel may be at the center of the Middle Eastern conflict, but despite the stereotypes, the country is incredibly culturally diverse. Jews, Arabs, and Christians live and work together with more harmony than the media would have you believe. This is especially true in the musical community where sounds from Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America and the Arab continuum blend to create a vital, international sound. This collection presents 12 Israeli bands and artists that are making groundbreaking music.
The Fox and the Hound
By Matt Forsman (Sep 20, 2007)
The release of Richard Shepard's The Hunting Party couldn't be timelier. The film revolves around a down and out war journalist (Richard Gere) who coerces his former cameraman (Terence Howard) to help track down the most infamous war criminal in Eastern Europe ("The Fox"). Allegedly, The Fox is being pursued by the CIA, FBI, and just about everyone in between. Additionally, it seems that most people know where this criminal resides, yet he still remains free. Hmmm...does this sound vaguely familiar?
Watch out for the WASPs, they Sting
By Anhoni Patel (Sep 20, 2007)
The thing about films that open up in the fall is that any performance that demonstrates even the slightest bit of acting ability evokes an Oscar buzz. This is not to say that Diane Lane is sub par in her role as a junkie mother in director Griffin Dunne's Fierce People but that the entire movie is so bad that it overshadows all traces of talent.
Chick Lit
By Anhoni Patel (Sep 20, 2007)
Let me sum up this movie in two words: chick flick. Think Steel Magnolias and Beaches but with nothing remotely redeeming. If you're looking for a good date movie or something to see with your mother or friends, this is not the movie to pick. Go eat dinner or have some ice cream or talk about your feelings instead, and expect to see The Jane Austen Book Club, directed by Robin Swicord, running on the "Lifetime" channel shortly.
An Exotic Oil Showcased
By Nirmala Nataraj (Sep 20, 2007)
Certainly, proper pampering has its price but if you're tired of all the superfluous amenities and exorbitant fees that are part and parcel of the typical day spa experience, don't fret -- classic indulgence can still be yours. Tucked away on a quiet, tree-lined corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley is Argania Salon de BeautÚ, the perfect one-stop place to address all your beauty the fraction of the cost and fuss.
A New Place for Artists -- in the Mail
By Annie Wyman (Sep 20, 2007)
At the Southern Exposure release party last month, visitors and friends sipped Heinekens and plastic cups of wine to celebrate the first issue of Thing Quarterly. But they had come not just for the festivities -- most were lending a hand, assembly-line-style, with the periodical itself.
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