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Spring is here! And by "spring" we mean: rain, wind and sudden weather changes. There's also chocolate Easter bunnies, the bloom of fresh love and the frenzy of filing one's taxes. Ah, isn't life grand? The events we've picked out for you this week are just the icing on the cake.

Already being hailed as a hilarious comedy, Color Me Kubrick, playing at Lumiere, quite possibly showcases John Malkovich at his weirdest. Watch it and decide for yourself. For another unique entertainment experience, check out TV on the Radio at The Fillmore. These cats produce an indefinable sound that will get you grooving. Fancy something a bit fancier? Then Toast of the Town at the War Memorial Opera House is the event for you. There'll be wine, jazz, yummy gourmet treats and plenty of glitzy glamour!

Been waiting to get that tattoo of your seventh grade teacher over the entire length of your back? Well, here's the perfect chance! The Body Art Expo at the Cow Palace will have over 300 amazing artists to ink you up. You know that famous beat poet Jack Kerouac? Well, he has his own alley in North Beach. It's gotten a makeover -- join in celebrating a piece of SF history at the Jack Kerouac Alley Dedication. The folks at 826 Valencia are at it again. They're throwing their fifth annual comedy night, An Evening of a Thousand Scowls at the Masonic Auditorium, to raise funds for their tutoring and literacy efforts. And speaking of spring flowers, go to Macy's in Union Square and check out their latest flower show. This year's inspiration is India and it's sure not to disappoint.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 See All Events
at Amoeba Music (6pm)
Over the course of two weeks, twenty groups from or connected to Nevada City, California crowded into the Brighton Sound Studio to record their songs live and direct into the microphone. Inspired by releases from such seminal record companies as Sun, Motown, Elektra, and Studio One, Grass Roots Record Co.'s Family Album is filled with songs...
at Landmarks Lumiere Theater ((2pm 4:45pm) 7pm 9:15pm)
For months, con artist Alan Conway (John Malkovich, in a tour de force performance) pretends to be one of the greatest directors of all times - Stanley Kubrick. Conway doesn't know anything about the director or his films, but that doesn't prevent him using and abusing the credibility of those who think they are close to the mythical and discreet filmmaker...
Wednesday, March 28, 2007 See All Events
at The Fillmore (8pm)
TV On The Radio are one of those rare bands who command total attention straight away. They don't look or sound like anybody else - which makes seeing or hearing them for the first time an immediately convincing experience.
at Club Six (9pm)
Hip Hop is alive and well in its rawest form every week here at Club 6! Fresh MC's, Dope DJs, Live Beatboxing, and an open Dancefloor for your Mid-Week Therapy.
Thursday, March 29, 2007 See All Events
at War Memorial Opera House (5pm VIP tasting, 7pm Grand Tasting)
A music, wine and restaurant extravaganza! While listening to the sounds of local live jazz music, taste premium wines and spirits from over 60 international producers and savor the culinary creations from over 30 top Bay Area restaurants...
at Mighty (9pm)
(Eats Tapes) have become a household name in the Bay Area, introducing the sincerest of rave art jams to the out-rocked, out-postured denizensof SF's mission district and Oakland's free techno warehouse scene. Their music is a driving, chaotic organism riding a constant crescendo...
Friday, March 30, 2007 See All Events
at Cow Palace (1pm - 11pm)
This is a clean, safe, family-oriented, tattoo convention and party. You'll have fun and be able to see the best artists doing the best tattooing and piercing from across the country. Includes: 300+ worldwide famous artists, tattoo contests, live music, tattooing and body piercing on-site, and a variety of merchandise.
at Castro Theatre (7pm, 9pm)
The "her" of the title refers to two objects: Juliette, a woman who resides in one of Paris's drab suburbs, and the capital city itself. Using a fragmented narrative style that mirrors Juliette's clipped existence, Godard looks at a day in the life of Juliette and the cast of Parisian women that revolves around her...
at Bimbo's 365 Club (9pm)
Formerly known as Cherry, New York's rock-meets-electronica duo Ratatat features multi-instrumentalist/programmer Evan Mast and guitarist Mike Stroud. Mast is also the brains behind the pretty laptop pop of E*vax, and with his brother E*Rock he runs the indie electronic label Audio Dregs. Stroud also plays, in the studio and on tour, with artists including Ben Kweller...
at Mighty (10pm)
Sunset proudly brings you the return of the funkiest thing to come out of Holland since the Cannibus Cup, Dutch nufunk breaks heroes Kraak & Smaak. Last time, they sold out Elbo Room with just the 2 DJ set. This time they are bringing a 7-piece band to utterly demolish any preconceptions we might yet have about electronic dance music...
Saturday, March 31, 2007 See All Events
at Kerouac Alley (noon - 4pm)
Jack Kerouac Alley, situated between Grant and Columbus, and a stone's throw away from Broadway, brings together the historic neighborhoods of Chinatown and North Beach. In 2007, this alley was renovated and transformed into a beautiful new passageway, lined with inspired writings by Li Po, Confucius, Maya Angelou, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, John Steinbeck, as well as Jack Kerouac himself...
at Modern Times Bookstore (3pm)
New York author/art provacateur Molly Crabapple reads from her saucy burlesque colouring book, Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book. Then, burlesque queen Sparkly Devil will fandance and pose for crayon armed attendees, with the best drawing winning a free book. Plus booze and cupcakes...
at ODC Theater (8pm)
Mountain is a new work by post-modern dance pioneer Deborah Hay in collaboration with three of the Northwest's most compelling contemporary choreographers - Gaelen Hanson, Peggy Piacenza and Amelia Reeber. This playful and provocative trio was conceived at the foot of Mount Baker and was inspired by Mount Rainier...
at Masonic Auditorium (Center) (8pm)
826 Valencia is proud to announce its Fifth Annual Comedy Night fundraiser featuring Janeane Garofalo and more...
at The Regency Center (8pm - 3am)
ArtSFest presents the 4th Annual Spectra Ball on March 31st at the Regency Center. Spectra Ball is a creative spectacle that brings together the spectrum of the arts with dynamic multi-cultural performances of music, theater, dance, circus, spoken word, fashion and visual art, all on one glorious night with a crowd of thousands...
at Rx (Gallery) (9pm)
You've all heard about her, from Villalobos to Sven Vath to Magda, Luciano, Miss Kittin ... all the top names in techno who can't get enough of her sexy acidic sound from Santiago de Chile...
Sunday, April 1, 2007 See All Events
at Miyako Hotel (3pm - 8pm)
Drink fine wine and sake while sampling the handmade rolls of 10 special sushi chefs. In addition to the thousands of pieces of sushi, you'll have the opportunity to taste the delicacies from some of San Francisco's finest restaurants...
at Mezzanine (6pm - 2am)
A standout in this exclusive club even among his peers, Manny Lehman is a musical chameleon whose abundant innate gifts, coupled with a renowned stamina, have helped him fashion one of the more prolific and enduring careers on the global party circuit...
at Ruby Skye (9pm)
Since the Eighties and those 'Jazz Juice' albums, Gilles Peterson has notched up over 50 mix CDs/compilations. Always happy to go diggin' into his unrepentently out-of-hand record collection, Gilles delivered the marvellous 'Impressed' compilations of innovative and deep, swinging Sixties UK jazz...
at Macy's - Union Square (11am - 7pm)
A fascination of color in architecture, flowers, food, clothing and home decoratives. India is a mix of traditional,contemporary and the eternal...
Monday, April 2, 2007 See All Events
at Red Vic Movie House (7:15pm, 9:15pm)
Refugee All Stars are a band of six Sierra Leonean musicians who have been living as refugees in the West African nation of the Republic of Guinea, since a brutal civil war (1991-2002) forced them from their homes. Many of their family and friends were murdered...
at Galeria de la Raza (7:30pm)
Featuring Gina Amato & Somos One with Entre Musicos. Through her artistic, professional, and creative endeavors, Gina is committed to social justice and the empowerment of communities of color. Somos One, An Ethnic Studies Scholar, Musicologist, Documentarian , Muralist, Song-writer, Community Builder and Hip Hop Educator, he is first and foremost POETA.
Features   This Week's Articles See All Articles
Double Your Pleasure
By Karen_Solomon (Mar 23, 2007)
It's an old school SF dining address with modern lacquer; it's novel and casual Cal-American cuisine with a silver-haired clientele. It's Two, the latest incarnation of Hawthorne Lane, and it's two restaurants in one. After 22 Hawthorne Lane's namesake reign of over twelve years, this reinvented eatery has received a youthful makeover.
Masters of Melody
By Matt_Crawford (Mar 23, 2007)
Following the release of their latest album Classics in the summer of 2006, Ratatat continue their conquest to spread their super-charged instrumentals and Dirty South remixes with a sold out concert at Bimbo's on March 30th. Producer-extraordinaire Evan Mast spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from a tour stop in Newport, KY.
Released on Creative Commons, 1/13/07
By Matt_Crawford (Mar 23, 2007)
Swimming in sensuality, the fantastic, and the romantic Extraordinary Rendition is an album that enchants from the outset. An eclectic mélange of bossa nova, jazz, and a plethora of other musical influences coalesces into a sound that that reminds you that life is full of wonderful surprises. There is a whimsy to Extraordinary Rendition that beckons the child at heart.
Released on Beggars Banquet Records, 2/20/07
By lynne_angel (Mar 23, 2007)
I can remember the first time I heard Calla. It was pouring and I was at the Fillmore, along with about 800 others, waiting for Interpol to hit the stage. It was 2002, right after they had released Turn on the Bright Lights, and I was anxious to see if the live show was as translatable as the album. Admittedly, it took me around ten minutes to notice a band was even playing. I had wet items to remove, beers to purchase, and land to claim -- I was busy. But ever so slowly the sound began to creep in. So subtle it was.; so succinct. I could think of nothing as atmospheric as the sounds they were creating at that moment.
Meandering, Unfocused 9/11 Drama
By Mel_Valentin (Mar 23, 2007)
Last year, Hollywood took its first tentative steps to examining the events surrounding 9/11. United 93 and World Trade Center focused exclusively on key events before, during, and immediately after the 9/11 attacks, but Hollywood has been thus far reluctant to explore the psychological fallout that followed that day. Written and directed by Mike Binder (Man About Town, The Upside of Anger), Reign Over Me follows a character directly affected by 9/11 and its aftermath as he tries to find his way back to the world of the living.
Period Sports Drama Soars
By Mel_Valentin (Mar 23, 2007)
The latest in a seemingly inexhaustible series of period sports dramas based on true events (We Are Marshall, Invincible, Gridiron Gang), Sunu Gonera's directorial debut, Pride focuses on a B- or even C-level sport: competitive swimming. Long the province of white athletes, African Americans have steadily made inroads into the sport, thanks, in part, to the pioneering efforts of Jim Ellis, a former competitive swimmer turned inner-city instructor and mentor who introduced competitive swimming to at-risk teenagers in Philadelphia in the early 70s.
Love, Explained in a Series of Lackluster Lectures
By Rossiter_Drake (Mar 23, 2007)
Mars Callahan has a lot to say about love. Callahan, whose Poolhall Junkies was a passably entertaining glimpse into the lives of hustlers searching for some worldly purpose, has rarely met a cliché he didn't work into a script, and his latest meditation on life and romance is full of them. There are some interesting ideas bandied about in What Love Is, crudely adorned with graphic sex fantasies and testosterone-fueled gusto, but when all is said (and never done), we are left with the kind of trite, philosophical musings that have inspired so many sitcoms.
All Too Familiar Sci-Fi Family Film
By Mel_Valentin (Mar 23, 2007)
Helmed by uber-producer-turned-director Robert Shaye (Book of Love) and written by Bruce Joel Rubin (Jacob's Ladder, Ghost) and Toby Emmerich (Frequency) from the 1943 short story, "Mimsy Were the Borogoves," by Lewis Padgett, The Last Mimzy is a family drama with a predictable science-fiction twist and an obvious, heavy-handed environmental message. Predictability and theme aside, The Last Mimzy turns out to be a near-perfect refuge for parents hoping for undemanding fare for a Saturday afternoon with their children.
Put Your Load Down
By Nirmala_Nataraj (Mar 23, 2007)
Rest and relaxation. Sounds ideal, doesn't it? Given our society's terrible penchant for scheduling everything from requisite weekend getaways to quality time with loved ones, the time-honored idea of a little R&R has become little more than a bromidic gesture towards a removed, future indulgence, the lowest task on our collective to-do list, it would seem. But try to imagine a world in which time for silence -- a literal "waking up to smell the roses" -- is way more than a hypothetical priority.
Inspired Spontaneity
By Nirmala_Nataraj (Mar 23, 2007)
I'm at CounterPULSE ten minutes before Renaissance man/theatrical swashbuckler Jess Curtis' highly anticipated show, "Under the Radar". As I've gathered from the website and tight-lipped program material, a kaleidoscopic assortment of dancers and performance artists will be entertaining the audience with genre-liberal food for thought: that includes concepts like beauty, normalcy, and preconceived notions of (dis)ability. All very heady stuff, but at the time being, I'm more interested in what's going on right now.
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