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Stage Werx
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J E F F . . . G R E E N W A L D

"An American Yankee in Khomeini's Court: Watching a Solar Eclipse with 60,000 Iranians"
> In August of 1999, I was one of just six Americans allowed to enter Iran to witness the total eclipse of the sun. Breaking from my carefully managed tour group, I found myself alone in Isfahan's Ayatollah Khomini Square. What I witnessed there, in the sky and on the ground, transformed my world view.nd himself alone in Isfahan's Ayatollah Khomini Square. What he witnessed there transformed his world view.

Jeff performed eight runs of his solo show "Strange Travel Suggestions" at The Marsh. He has also authored half a dozen travel books including the bestseller "The Size of the World".

M I C I A . . . M O S E L Y

"Because freedom is funny"
> What does it mean to be "free" in the 21stcentury? Can you really "have it all"? Absolutely. Maybe. Sort Of. With careful planning a Black lesbian Gen-Xer embarks on a bicoastal, bi-career adventure in a valiant attempt to avoid a mid-life crisis.

Micia wrote and performed a one woman show titled "Where My Girls At?" She has done stand up comedy in San Francisco, LA, Chicago, & New York City.

D O U G . . . C O R D E L L

"Blood, Sweat and Puppeteers"
> Doug is a down-and-out playwright with grandiose ideas about art, when he lands what seems like the ultimate cushy gig writing puppet dialogue on a TV show for four-year-olds. How hard can it be? Turns out, those little felt-faced creatures will drive a man over the edge.

Doug is an Emmy nominated TV writer and has been on NPR radio's "Snap Judgement" and "Marketplace" as a storyteller.

J O E . . . C O L E

"The Lying Taxi Man Whose Promises Are Ruinous to Suffering Landlady"
> It’s midnight and Lying Taxi Man is desperate to dull the sharpness of Suf- fering Landlady’s tongue so he must pay his $200 rent, which is already past due, in the morning,There is scant hope for profit driving cab tonight in the heavy rain. Until the storm breaks and a man in a dark suit emerges from the thick fog. He drops a fat roll of cash in Taxi Man’s lap. “Take $200. Now get me to the delta”. When they leave San Francisco, the stranger reveals him- self to be a fleeing felon with a violent temper. Will Taxi Man survive? Will Suffering Landlady ever get her rent?

Joe is a solo performer and storyteller. He also played Ollie Olson in "The Long Voyage Home" on board the C.A.Thayer/Hyde Street Pier.

L E S L I E . . . B E A M
"Only 99 More Shopping Days Until Christmas"
> . Deck the halls, jingle bells, welcome baby Jesus! Why is Mom crying in her bloody mary? Find out how too many gifts can be a form of abuse.

Leslie's solo show, "", ran in San Francisco for 8 months. She has also performed as a stand-up comic.

. . . . STAGE WERX THEATRE, honored by the Bay Guardian as a "Best of the Bay", proudly presents The Vent storytelling series where superb comedians, acclaimed writers and "ordinary" people with extraordinary stories do just that. They vent. Though mostly it's the funny sort of venting. The stories are all true. The theatre accommodates 70. Arrive early for best seating.

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