The Vent

Sun Dec 8, 2013
Stage Werx
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C H R I S T I A N . . .C A G I G A L
"You have something special..."
Christian Cagigal is a mind reader. No really he is. Okay, he's a magician, a trickster, who creates illusions of "mind reading" on stage. But, what happens when a woman really believes he has special "powers"? Does he encourage her belief or does he give his secrets away? And, is the right choice really the right choice?

L E S L I E . . . B E A M
"Only 99 More Shopping Days"
Deck the halls, jingle bells, welcome baby Jesus! Why is Mom crying in her bloody mary? Find out how too many gifts can be a form of abuse.

J E F F . . . G R E E N W A L D
"Mrs. Porn"
In which Mr. Greenwald, arriving after midnight, finds a (presumably) cozy home stay in the sweltering city of Bangkok

G I N A . . . G O L D
"There Must Be Some Mistake"
One night, after a long shift of lap dancing, Gina acts rashly. She was exhausted and frustrated and felt trapped. She couldn't do another lap dance. She couldn't even think about doing another lap dance. She just wanted people's attention. She succeeded at doing just that.

S A N D Y . . . S T E C
"The Hippie That Stole My Heart . . . and my Toilet Paper."
On a lonely, soul-searching weekend in Reno; Sandy met a Burning Man Hippie that left her confused, inspired, and slightly turned on. And oh yeah- out of toilet paper.

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