The SF Hunt: A City-Wide Amazing Race

Event has passed (Sat Jun 2, 2018 - Sat Jun 2, 2018)
San Francisco
11 am - 7 pm
$33 - $55
Health & Wellness, Games & Trivia


TLDR: The SF Hunt is back on June 2nd! Tickets are here and currently cost $33, BUT the price jumps on the first of every month. Get 'em while they're hot!

It's that time. The time for you to find your smartest, most fun, best looking friends and take on the city of San Francisco. That's right. The SF Hunt is back!

On June 2nd, our one-day, city-wide scavenger hunt party returns for its fourth trip around the 415. We'll be taking over San Francisco for one insane day. The city will become a treasure map and the game will stretch your head, your brain, and your mind too. Expect ridiculousness, friends old and new, and maybe a facetime with your mom. She's worried sick about you!

In short, assemble your dream team, hunt all over the city, and party with us once it's all over.

Our iOS and Android apps hold all the riddles. Each riddle leads to a unique and awesome location within San Francisco. You'll travel with your team of up to 6 people to as many locations as you can. Once there you'll snap fun photos and videos with your team, and the app will confirm you've gotten to the right place. If you're right, our live leaderboard updates and you get instant credit. And people will start to think your smarter, more attractive, and a nicer person. Win-Win.

When the clock runs out, we'll all head to the afterparty for free beer, prizes, and good vibes. We'll give out prizes to winners (top team, Handstand award, Average Joes, etc.) and revel in your crazy stories from the day.

But you've played before so you know all question!

BRAND NEW RIDDLES. We had to put that in all caps so you know how excited we are. We love writing riddles for all solving levels. This year is no different. Expect fresh riddles!

Lower ticket prices! Crazy, we know. With a shorter day we thought we'd save you some dough. You can save even more by buying tickets for your whole team! Save dat money.

A shorter day. Feel free to go out on Friday night and grab that morning brunch. We're starting the day a little later and ending a little earlier. Use those extra hours however you'd like. Freedom is what America is about after all.

More Mini Hunts. A new feature we rolled out last year. If you don't know what they are, you soon will. They'll rock your world.

A la carte swag. Tickets are also lower because it's up to you to choose what swag you'd like. Played all three years before? Only grab what you like most. Never played before? Deck yourself out in some quality stuff. It's in your hands.

**What You Get**
The best day you've ever had in SF. Seriously.

Just in case that's not enough, we'll also have FREE LUNCH for you, free beer at our afterparty, and a shot at amazing prizes from a growing list of sponsors.

Head to and hit "Sign Up" (or just click the tickets link at the top). You're so smart. The earlier you sign up, the cheaper your tickets will be. The price jumps up on the 1st of every month so stop reading this section and get to it!

**The Rules**
Your team has to stick together. Your group should be unshakeable. Like that Tinder date who won't stop liking your IG posts or that gum that's stuck to your shoe.

You can only travel by foot, bike, or public transit. No cars/rideshares. If you're on horseback we'll allow it because that's just awesome.


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