The Nightmare Before Giftmas - 1 Year Anniversary

Event has passed (Fri Dec 13, 2013 - Fri Dec 13, 2013)
Lower Branch Art Gallery
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Join us on Friday the 13th for what marks the one year anniversary since we opened the doors at the TL location for what we like to call "The Nightmare before Giftmas." What are the Holidays without friends and family right? We wouldn't be here if it weren't for friends and family! So we decided to throw together our largest group show at the gallery yet, 25 artists all of which we consider part of the Lower Branch family showcasing affordable artwork. If you have been with us over the past 3 years you will recognize many of these faces and their works.

So here we go, art from......

The Optimist
Shayna Yasuhara
Maren Salomon
Ernesto Guerrero
Max Ehrman
Robin David
Tara Chavez
Simone Lopes
Monico Chavez
Dennis Osborne
Brian Swimme
Andy Hollidge
Joshua Coffy
JP Neang
Andy Bruce
Joon Park
Isaac Pierro
Joey Brown
Zachary Sweet
Lisa Pisa
Tasi Alabastro
Richard L. Perri
Robierto Becker
Rachel Hurwitz
Andrea Mendez

Come join us for drinks. Lower Branch is located at 233 Eddy St. in San Francisco 2 blocks from the powell st bart station. Do not miss, and always from Paolo and myself JC.........

From one year to the next,

All Good Things
Happy Holidays


  1. Lower Branch Art Gallery
    233 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA

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