The Hundred Wells of Salaga

Tue Feb 19
Mechanics' Institute
12:30 PM
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Author Ayesha Harruna Attah
Cosponsored by MOAD (Museum of the African Diaspora)

Black History Month brings forth a book by a new Ghanaian literary voice, Ayesha Harruna Attah. Her breakout novel explores slavery, power and freedom and the lives of two women during the scramble for Africa in Pre-colonial Ghana. Ayesha wrote this book because she is the descendant of a woman who was called ‘the slave’ She exposes the less known issues of slavery within the continent of Africa in this compelling story of forced migration.
"The strength of Attah's novel is in these two fully realized women, who must navigate their own ever changing circumstances against the backdrop of an increasingly volatile political landscape, in which feuding royals are competing for power among themselves but also with the Germans and the British. On the whole it is a rich and nuanced portrayal. Attah is adept at leading readers across the varied terrain of 19th-century Ghana and handles heavy subjects with aplomb..." --KIRKUS REVIEWS
Ayesha Harruna Attah was born in Accra and educated at Mount Holyoke College, Columbia University, and NYU. A 2015 Africa Centre Artists in Residency Award Laureate and Sacatar Fellow, she won the 2016 Miles Morland Foundation Scholarship for non-fiction. She currently lives in Senegal and loves making ice-cream and staring at the ocean.


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