The Gypsy Allstars feat. The Gipsy Kings Family

Event has passed (Sun Mar 24, 2013 - Sun Mar 24, 2013)
Former Yoshi's San Francisco Location - Now Closed
7pm & 9pm
$20 - $25
Music, World Music


Yoshi’s is excited to welcome Cedric Leonardi and Mario Reyes and the Gypsy Allstars for a vibrant and passionate evening of Indo–Gypsy fusion as Gipsy Kings rumba meets Indian Alap. The South France gypsies meet San Francisco‘s premier jazz venue and neither will be the same again! The evening will also include some of the finest LA based musicians from Cuba, Spain and India and will see Flamenco’s foremost modern stars -- Manuel Gutierrez and Arelen Hurtado -- weave their flamenco magic into the music.

The Gipsy Kings emerged out of the South of France in the early '80s when the Reyes and Baliardos families set the world on fire with their infectious and sensual rhythms: sounds that were original and breathtaking.

We have been dancing to their Gypsy beats ever since. Songs like Djobi Djoba and Bamboleo are forever etched into our minds as quintessential feel good music.

A recent all-star collaboration in the India sub-continent featuring Gipsy Kings’ Mario Reyes and Georges Reyes, has spawned a new project called the Gypsy Allstars which will explore the origins of gypsy culture in Rajasthan, India and see the gypsies return to India for a Discovery Channel special, merging Indian and Gypsy rhythms.

The Gypsy Allstars, have been hand picked by Cedric Leonardi, who grew up with the Gipsy Kings and their families in Montpellier’s ‘la cite gely’ and as their drummer, had the privilege of performing with them. The Gypsy AllStar lineup will see the gypsies joining forces with local Indian musicians to add an exciting fusion sound of Gipsy King’s favorites and exotic-blended indo-gypsy music.

In preparation for the return to India in 2013, Ced Leonardi and Mario Reyes are preparing new material and re-imagine the existing music, working with the cream of LA based musicians to bring the new project alive.

Included in the Gypsy Allstars project are Cuban virtuoso bassist Carlitos de Puerto, Zakir Hussein tabla prodigy Salar Nader and one of the world’s greatest flamenco performers Manuel Gutierrez. Indian songbird Mala Ganguly joins Mario Reyes on vocals and Alam Khan, the son of the great Ali Akbar Khan, is featured on sarode.

The 41-year-old Frenchman from Montpellier -- a coastal town in the Camargue, south of France -- Cedric remembers strolling through the Gypsy barrio, ‘la cite gely,’ which his home overlooked, soaking up Gypsy culture. “They heard me and I heard them,” he recalls. Over the past 25 years, Cedric’s passion for drumming has seen him explore everything from Irish folk to the vibrant Latin music of Brazil and Cuba, through the Caribbean and Spain: Flamenco, European pop, Sufi rhythms, rock and jazz.

Touring with various world-renowned international artists, Cedric highlights his life with the Gypsy Kings, and the quintessential “joie de vivre“ of the music and the close family atmosphere, which combine all the things he loves most. The Allstar project offers Ced the opportunity to pay homage to the amazing Gipsy Kings legacy and create a new future and audience for the music.

Part of the extraordinarily talented Gipsy Kings dynasty, Mario is cousin of Gipsy Kings founder Nicholas Reyes. Aside from Gipsy Kings which launched him, Mario enjoys a vibrant solo career which has seen him experiment with Sufi and Arabic musical traditions and performing with some of the world’s most renowned musicians, including Andrea Boccelli and Sting. He highlights his performance before the late Pope John Paul II and playing with the Gipsy Kings before 15,000 people in the Red Square Moscow as two of his ultimate career highlights.