THE FIXINS, Destiny & the Morning Love, Comfort

Event has passed (Thu Dec 7, 2017 - Thu Dec 7, 2017)
Neck of the Woods
$7 - $10


The Fixins are a San Francisco band that plays a wide catalogue of original music, including mostly rock and upbeat folk music with a touch of some groovy psychedelic jammage. We strive to create music that keeps people happy and smilin', and to provide a welcoming environment and soundtrack to keep the good times rollin' for ourselves and fellow music lovers.

Destiny and the Morning Love is a band from San Francisco fronted by Destiny Molina on vocals and keys. Her soulful melodies blend with the band's jazz training to create a smooth indie sound. The band works together to spin out classic grooves with a modern feel, and they have carved out a place for themselves as a uniquely timeless band- a fresh take on indie music.

Nick Valenzuela started Comfort alone in 2016. After a year of couch surfing and awkward goodbyes, Cyrus Gill, Joey Natiello, and Victor Gavallos helped complete his friendzone soundscape of 90s alt, surf rock, latin jazz, and catchy pop melodies.


  1. Neck of the Woods 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA