The Decameron

Event has passed (Wed May 29, 2013 - Sun Jun 9, 2013)
Firehouse at Fort Mason Center
Art, Theater / Performance Arts


When the Great Domino Earthquake and subsequent tsunamis strike, a group of artists flee the chaotic settlements of the former San Francisco Bay Area. They create an eden of creativity in the shell of Fort Mason's Firehouse, and entertain each other through explorations of movement, storytelling, theater and art. On the Decameron nights, they invite an audience into their home to witness this intimate spectacle: a banquet of human expression!

Oekolos Productions presents The Decameron, an immersive installation art and performance event. This contemporary re-imagining of a seminal medieval text is a hands-on exploration of the human condition. Each evening, the audience witnesses ten unique presentations of music, dance, circus, theater, storytelling and installation art from within a symbolic contemporary catastrophe scenario: a post-earthquake disaster area.

Written in the 1350’s during the Bubonic Plague, Giovanni Bocaccio’s Il Decamerone heralded a new era in humanist thought. In this frame story, ten young adults flee the Plague-ridden streets of Florence. They hide away in a villa in the countryside and pass the time by telling stories relevant to a daily theme. The calamitous background, the Plague, grants Bocaccio’s protagonists a candid freedom in the content of their stories and an honesty that borders on prescience.

Our interactive version of the Decameron, originally produced in Amsterdam in 2006, transports the audience into a creative eden in the face of dark times. We invite you to experience how these artists turn a disastrous circumstance into a celebration of life and a vision of hope for the future.

Each night is a unique experience: come for one night, or all ten!

Oekolos Productions
Oekolos Productions is devoted to examination and re-definition of how we experience our environments. Our toolbox includes: performance and installation, interactivity, site-specificity, and intimate spectacle.  With these, we focus on collaborative works that serve as a point of connection for artists of various disciplines.

oe • ko • los : : : [ ˈoō - kō - lōs ]

“Oekolos” is an invented word, derived from the english word "oecology" or “ecology” (the study of animals and their environments), from the greek word "oikos" (home), and the Danish word "økologisk" (organic or biological).


  1. Firehouse at Fort Mason Center Marina Blvd. and Buchanan Street, San Francisco, CA