The Dada Divas

Event has passed (Sun Nov 13, 2016 - Sun Nov 13, 2016)
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Location: Swissnex, Pier 17, San Francisco, 94111 (Admission: $5.00-tickets available in advance through Swissnex website)

Dada Divas unearths and re-imagines the stories and creative works of important female artists and performers who were among the originators of the Dada movement: Emmy Hennings, Mina Loy, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Hannah Höch, and others. It illuminates historical and artistic contributions by women who were overshadowed by their male counterparts, and also comments on such larger issues as the status of women, emigrée life, war, and other concerns that are as relevant today as they were when Dada erupted a century ago. The performance is comprised of musical and theatrical vignettes and interludes. All the work’s major aspects—compositional processes, scenic design, staging, costuming—are based on its protagonists’ lives, performances, artistic works, and movements in which they were involved. Every vignette illustrates and amplifies aspects of Dada, Futurism, and the creative processes that these women used in their own work, which are refreshed by incorporating aspects of today’s musical palette that are descendants of those processes. With Jacqueline Bobak, Carmina Escobar, and Micaela Tobin.

This event is part of the Dada World Fair. For more information, please visit


  1. swissnex
    Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA

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