The Bloom Series: Episode 3 world premiere screening & After Party

Event has passed (Wed Jul 24, 2013 - Wed Jul 24, 2013)
Temple SF
8pm to 2:30am
$10 - $15
Music, Movies, Electronic Music


Keyframe-Entertainment, Cymatica, & Street Ritual Presents:
The Bloom Series: Episode 3 and After Party
~ Fundraiser for the Cymatica Camp @ Sacred Spaces / Burning Man ~

Mythos * Ritual * The Sacred

Episode 3 explores the “New Ways Of the Sacred” that have emerged in Transformational Festivals, including how they re-instill a sense of MYTHOS for participants, or an awareness of our role in a greater multi-dimensional reality and story; fulfilling the functions of RITUAL once common for traditional societies and often missing from contemporary urban life; synthesizing into an authentically third millennium spiritual culture that is experiencing and honoring THE SACRED as a community without dogma, doctrine or charismatic gurus.

You can watch Episodes 2 here:


THE BLOOM is a new documentary webseries illuminating the emerging culture of Transformational Festivals, immersive participatory realities that are having profound life-changing effects on hundreds of thousands of lives.

Cymatica (Camp within Sacred Spaces) presents workshops & films relating to cultural movements that are actively affected by music, sound healing, and Cymatics.


Street Ritual represents the choice of a sacred path, navigating a narrow road littered with urban debris. The avenues we choose to take are rich with intent, spirit and joyful activism. Street Ritual is a conduit for sounds, media, images and ideas that interact with one’s perception, inspire and enlighten. The ritual connects us to our tribal roots, as we dance around the fire of old ways, burning what now does not serve us. Through this ritual we birth a new, global consciousness. You have reached a point on this path, the dance is your own destiny.

Street Ritual is a meta-label, encompassing a collective of creative artists and their collaborative manifestations.

Keyframe-Entertainment bridges underground EDM culture & the mainstream through transformational media (Film, Music, Visionary Art, Community Building, and Social Networking). Our goal is to create global positive change and enhance the living experience by inspiring, informing and entertaining.


::::: EVENT DETAILS :::::::

DOV >>

Muti Music | San Francisco, CA

Dov is the person behind Muti Music, a selector at heart, compulsively picking tunes for record labels and for your dancing / listening pleasure.
Known for producing bassline centric music, downtempo, midtempo and uptempo Dubstep, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Breaks and pretty much whatever catches his fancy , Dov has been featured and reviewed in XLR8R, URB and K-Mag amongst others and continues to push the envelope of bass music.

His sound when performing also tends to represent that of a whole movement of young producers coming out on his Muti Music imprint and adds an 'emerging' sound element to his sets.

Known for energetic sets that delve as hard into a tranquil interlude as they do into bassline drops and glitched out frenzies. The sounds to be expected from Dov are always elevated and emotional, whether downtempo or peak time uptempo in super-clubs, his diversity and experience have prepared him for the job.



Street Ritual | Portland, OR

Plantrae is an intricate, energetic and biotic sound experience originating deep in the rainforests of cascadia. It is composed of a bass rooted, stretchy midtempo foundation and live viola improvisation that embodies the spirited essence of classical, swing and folk. Seeking to unite organic melody and intricate electronics, Plantrae also encourages the listener to delve deep into the humyn ethos, back to a time when we lived as one with the earth. Moving percussion blends seamlessly with glistening string melodies and vibrant synth lines, bringing folk and earth-inspired psalms into the bass driven universe of midtempo and broken beat glitchhop.


The Bloom Series | Portland, OR

The Mazeguider has been an iconic figure in Vancouver's tribal dance underground for nearly 15 years with an undeniable signature style that takes the dancefloor out to the ecstatic edges of time and awareness.

Currently, the Mazeguider's dancefloor focus plays in the realms of Glitchhop, Glitchstep, Womp, Bass & Midtempo Crunkadelic. However, he maintains a strong hand in Techno, Tech-House, Electro-House, Progressive & Breaks, as well as a large range of Downtempo, and throws down amply in any of these styles.

To be at the helm of the big stereo, transmitting the frequencies, while the tribe gathers in the time-honoured rituals of celebration, is a privileged place to hold. Each set represents a constantly renewed possibility for the community gathered to rekindle our ecstasy, remember our connectedness and rejuvenate our life-forces. Whichever way the call goes, the Mazeguider brings a special, alchemical offering to the mix that is the guarantee of a journey to remember


Elev8 | Electric Cocoon | San Diego, CA

Michael Mannino, musically known as Divinity- fuses deep bass, squishy psychedelic splatters, clean drums, and harmonic mixes with intention from the heart. Sounds are awakening, textured, glitched, atmospheric, deep, & tribal with strikingly inspirational vocals and of course full of resonating bass. His music can range from downtempo, techy dub, deep 4x4, tribal drum and bass, spacey dubstep, to chillout with no limitations on speeds or genre. Depending on the time of day, a gathering's intention, and the dancefloor's vibe~ Michael Divinity finds harmony in expressing his omnitempo style on any dancefloor at anytime.
Sink into his music at home or feel the intention on the dance floor and prepare yourself for a divine vibrational journey.

DJEDi >>
Original Language | The Center SF | San Francisco, CA

DJEDi (aka Brett Hapoienu) is a San Francisco based DJ, owner of the sacred geometry crystal-infused clothing line “Original Language,” and co-founder of a conscious living collective, called “The Center SF”– a community space for education, healing, and special events.
Originally from New York, he was consumed and inspired by West Coast electronic artists upon moving to California in 2009. With an educational background in philosophy, religion, cosmology and consciousness, he has learned to see the world through a geometric vibrational framework, making music a powerful tool for transformative experiences of body, mind and spirit.
Spending countless hours meticulously selecting only the finest quality tunes, delivering to the dance floor a genre of music described as “Laser Soul.” That is, bass music with each track having its own personality, character and emotive quality weaved together into a truly captivating sound experience. By bringing together his laser soul beats, Original Language and ability to teach Unified Field Theory workshops, DJEDi is quickly making himself an essential member of festivals, events and beyond.


Alice Ottesen (Holistic Hooping)

Bee FleauNindja (Fly Hive)

Kaz Maccaslin

Nia Person

Sara Le Cornec & Irie (Cirquedelic)


Live Art By:

Devin Harrison (Enkrypted Vision)

John Benko & Chelsea Kite

Jonathan Solter (Vision Labs)



The Circus Tea Temple - Enchanting Teas & Hookah Lounge

Original Language

Mammoth Creations

Alley Cat Sewing Company

Temple Nightclub
540 Howard St
San Francisco

8:00pm until 2:30am+
Film screening @ 8:45pm


$15 at the door (don't get caught waiting in line, just get your tix now and prepare for a beautiful event : )

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  1. Temple SF
    540 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA