TechAngle: [a]pendics.shuffle

Event has passed (Fri Jul 12, 2013 - Fri Jul 12, 2013)
9pm - 3am
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[a]pendics.shuffle - live (Adjunct, Resopal, Mo’s Ferry)

live hardware acid
Dr. Rek (TechAngle, FnF, Gourmet, Phthalo, Absurdity.Biz, Infinite Complexity)
Antacid (Nexus)
Abandoned Footwear (Katabatik)

2 hour opening DJ set
Max Gardner (DTE, Dark & Sonorous)

live hardware visuals by etcher/engraver

a fundraiser for the Japan Cat Network (
A no-kill non profit animal shelter in Japan that has been rescuing and feeding abandoned animals in the Fukushima 20 km zone since 3/11/11
All proceeds and donations will go to them.

[a]pendics.shuffle -
Dr. Rek live videos -
Antacid -
Abandoned Footwear -
Max Gardner -
etcher/engraver -

Ken Gibson aka [a]pendics.shuffle
Kenneth James Gibson is a man of many personas. Keeping up with him can be a time consuming, yet rewarding venture into sound. As soon as you think you know him and can grasp what’s going on, he puts on yet another mask and becomes something else. Always a surprise and never a let down, he gives us what we want but don’t expect. A rare stone in today’s musical climate, Ken is rolling and collects no moss.
Kens first recordings were as the guitarist, singer, part time keyboardist and producer of the 90s indie rock band Furry Things. He slowly grew tired of being in a band and started producing a slew of electronic mish mash on his own as Eight Frozen Modules. Starting out with a guitar, half broken sampler (given to him by King Coffee of the legendary Texas band The Butthole Surfers), a drum machine, borrowed synths and a four track, Ken laid down an off kilter mix of electro, abstract hip hop, dub and techno.
In 1997, Ken moved from Austin Texas to the big city of Los Angeles, California. After releasing a few records as Eight Frozen Modules on various labels such as Trance Syndicate and City Slang, he gave up the 4 tracks and guitar for a desktop computer and software. While taking a few years off from releasing music, he learned how to create a new world in the land of computers. After 3 years of not leaving his padded studio cell, he resurfaced with the 2001 Eight Frozen Modules CD Random Activities and Broken Sunsets, a mix of glitched out electro, techno, and idm for the LA label, Phthalo. Since then, he has also released music under the names [a]pendics.shuffle, The Premature Wig, dubLoner, Electronic Music Composer, Reverse Commuter, Bal Cath, Hiss and Buzz (with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto), Kenneth James G., KJ Gibbs, Whoa Buck, Cascabel Gentz (with Argentine Dilo), Men In Slippers (with Mikael Stavostrand) for labels such as Mo's Ferry Productions, Adjunct, We Are, Lick My Deck, Revolver, Leftroom, Resopal, Floppy Funk, Underl_ne, Orac, Mille Plateaux, Planet-Mu, Proptronix, Titbit, Force Tracks, Disco Inc., and Sunset Diskos....just to name a few.
When Kenneth isn't in the studio reeking havoc on his neighbors, he is touring the world playing his music for the crazy kids late at night. Ken lives in Los Angeles, California and co-runs the label Adjunct, part of the Kompakt family. Adjunct is a forward thinking techno and house label releasing such artists as Mikael Stavostrand, Dilo and Gurtz, Mathias Schaffhauser, Sutekh, Franco Cinelli, Kit Clayton, Peter F. Spiess and many more.
Kenneth just finished up a big remix / live project with Crostown Rebels main man Damian Lazarus, which you can hear in Damian's latest live sets. Some of this material will also be making it to vinyl in the near future. Kenneth has also finished up his full length Reverse Commuter LP and EP's for DJ Three’s label Hallucination Limited, which will be out very soon, along with some excellent remixes. The Reverse Commuter live set at WMC 2009 was listed as Mr. C's (Superfreq) favorite set of the conference. Also in the works is a Kenneth James G. house influenced EP and LP for new LA label Culprit, a label run by the Droog folks. Another venture is the latest project Cascabel Gentz. This is a duo consisting of Kenneth and Dilo from Argentina. The 2 latest Cascabel EP's have been getting rave reviews from play from such DJ's as Luciano, Tim Xavier, Shonky, Brothers Vibe and many more.

Dr. Rek
The Doctor entered our atmosphere in 1980. One day while relaxing in his tardis, he built a x0xb0x in early 2006 and ever since live evolving hardware Acid has been the name of his live performance game. Expect your mind to be melted while your body and soul can do nothing but Jack.

This dynamic duo has been deep crew of the infamous burning man camp Nexus since the start. Their performance on extreme numbers of amazing analog synths and drum machines syncopated beats are most delightful.

Abandoned Footwear
Duo featuring a favorite underground Acid artist of TechAngle, Exillon, and Djynx from Nommo Ogo/Identity Theft/Katabatik. They also bring the hardware game that makes yo body go insane. Releases on labels expected to drop acid bombs on a beatport near you soon.

Max Gardner
Max is the founder of the rising Oakland Techno crew Direct to Earth. He is also a selector and producer of the highest order. Expect an amazing two hour DJ setup to all night live performance journey.

A combo of two mad geniuses, multiple rare video synths, and a 1990s video mixer equals yes.


  1. Monarch 101 6th Street, San Francisco, CA