Event has passed (Sat Dec 21, 2013 - Sat Dec 21, 2013)
F8 | 1192 Folsom
$5 - $15
Music, Electronic Music, Hip Hop


Join us for a just-before-the-holiday celebration at 1192 folsom. Team Supreme (LA) & HGMNY are teaming up to bring you an early xmas present.

*A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Penthouse Penthouse in his fight against bullshit*





"Born in New York, moved to LA little more than a year ago and played a show with Virtual Boy. Ran into Great Dane and Preston James at a Boiler Room event, and has been involved with Team Supreme since the very first cypher. Influenced by mid 90s R&B and old school Detroit and acid house, Colta makes deep, bass heavy jams with heavy synth."


"Multiple beat battle wins. Played Low End Theory from one of the first nights. Created and released a successful iPhone app for detecting your beatbox: Vocal Beater. First official beat scene release on All City Records 10x10x8.

Critically acclaimed underground hip-hop releases since 2005 with artists like Mestizo, Qwel, Luckyiam, Dumbfoundead, etc. Developed iPad app for music improvisation and composition, effectively doubling his comfort with tonality and writing chords. Developed VST plugins for rhythm control and custom sound.

Along with partner Jason Sadural, he is one of the first to write software to programatically and remotely recognize turntable gestures and moves. Currently a music technology PhD. student under Miller Puckette, the MSP in Max/MSP, a widely used software now integrated into Ableton Live as Max 4 Live.

Teacher, hacker, beat music theorist, inventor, luthier, VJ, photographer, video producer, beat maker, and programmer."


"22 year old JNTHN STEIN, otherwise known as Jonathan Stein, is redefining the term “producer”. Oakland born and Brooklyn based, his wide range of musical influences come together to create a texturally rich and rhythmically propelling sound that will leave you with two options: dancing ecstatically, or closing your eyes to be swept away in a wave of impression and sensation. Saturated synths, cavernous drums, lush harmonies, soaring arpeggios and layered melodies come together to create a completely new sound within the EDM and Hip Hop genres, heavily influenced by the music of the 80′s, 90′s and 2000′s. With a self released solo record, a TeamSupreme compilation release on Alphapup Records, and his own audio/visual production company/blog Candid Music Group already under his belt, Jonathan is bringing his vast musicality to electronic music, and plans to change music all together."


"Starting out young, Kenny Segal experimented with digital music before he could even drive, building homemade pickups for his cello, and crafting drum-n-bass beats out of early MSDOS music software at a time when most people were still learning the term “World Wide Web”. He won a computer engineering scholarship to the University of Southern California and quickly endeared himself to the indie hip-hop community, producing beats for the highly respected Freestyle Fellowship crew from his dorm room. During those college years he put out a prolific amount of releases on respected indie labels including full lengths with P.E.A.C.E., Dr.oop, Phoenix Orion, plus tracks for Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Busdriver, and others. His first solo full-length, Ken Can Cook, dropped in 2008 via Decon records and featured appearances by the creme-de-la-creme of the LA underground. As his artist career took off, Kenny also quietly started composing music for TV shows, commercials and films on the side, garnering industry kudos, two awards, and a bevy of new outlets for his music to be heard including numerous Superbowl ads, TV show theme songs, and even Hollywood films. This time period also saw Segal start working at J.U.I.C.E., a Los Angeles based hip-hop afterschool program, where he mentored youth in music production and MCing classes as well as forged early relationships with young up-and-comers NoCanDo, Dumbfoundead, Open Mike Eagle, and others. Some of these relationships were brought to fruition this last year as Segal dropped two critically acclaimed singles with NoCanDo (“Zero Hour” and “More Credit”), plus “Cobra Commander” featuring Open Mike and Danny Brown which debuted on the front page of Pitchfork. This year also saw Kenny drop his latest opus, The Kleenrz, a collaboration with Fellowship MC Self Jupiter, which has already yielded two amazing animated music videos and a 20 date US tour. As if that wasn’t enough, 2012 was also when Kenny was inducted into Team Supreme, a collective of like minded producers who host weekly beat cyphers. Already 2013 is looking bright, with the highly anticipated release of Team Supreme’s first full length album on Alpha Pup, plus a solid schedule of shows, tours, and remix work."


"(Brandon Ruffin), known as Ruff Draft, in the post ambient, tech industrial era of music is an imposing, experimental producer from San Francisco, California. Musical blood ties to artist David Ruffin of the (Temptations) may explain the sometimes soulful play between harmony and discord in the collage like dissonance that is Ruffin’s music.

Ruff Draft, with a firm foundation in Nu-Jazz, Soul, and Hip-Hop, released— (Golden Gates) (2012): A plutonian adventure of melodic chimes and space traffic, Draft bends ambiance music into Jazzy improvisation like sweet and sour, hard candy in tracks that follow lines that resemble hump-back arches.

Ruff Draft released his debut EP with (Grappa Frisbee Records) in 2012 and is currently working on a debut full length album.

A strong representative of the Oakland Electronic/Experimental scene, Ruff Draft is a resident musician at several Bay Area electronic collectives and events such as San Francisco's (RESONATE) and Oakland's (JUICEBOX). Often refereed to as "Baby FlyLo" by those who nod there heads to the journey of his space jazz vibes--RuffDraft keeps it no secret that his sound is highly influenced by the instrumental magician of sound Flying Lotus. But make no mistakes about Ruff-Draft's sound, though production influences such as Flying Lotus, J-Dilla, and MF Doom, can be heard in RuffDraft's melodies, his compositions live in a space all of their own.

"Im so highly influenced by FlyLo, Dilla, Doom, Pete Rock, and so many other great producers that one of the more difficult things at times is really pulling back--getting space from the track, and making sure that the songs I write have a true identity of their own--I just make music that I would listen."

Ruff Draft has shared the stage with the likes of Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder), Odd Nosdam (Anticon), Dibia$e
(Brainfeeder), Eprom(Rwina), Inightful (Soulection) and many other notable and talented musicians. His live performances are blissfully intoxicating experiences that intertwine galactic tones and tribal patterns which provide a cadence for the soul.

Step into his dimension, breath in the atmosphere that shrouds his planet, let his melodies and spacey deep baselines fill your lungs, and prepare to be under the influence of his delightfully addictive sound."





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