TAYLOR AND THE PRETTY NOISES, Logan Magness, Naghmeh and the Sams

Event has passed (Thu Dec 8, 2016 - Thu Dec 8, 2016)
Neck of the Woods
$10 - $15


Taylor and the Pretty Noises

San Francisco based songwriter Joel Alan Taylor has formed a new trio in San Francisco with two of his favorite musicians, whom he's dubbed the Pretty Noises. Cole Bailey on drums and Sebastian Strugholtz on bass are musicians with solid personalities who carry Taylor's guitar and vocals through the dynamics of his songs with an easy rock n' roll attitude. Taylor and The Pretty Noises are intent on playing rock n' roll that is fresh, fun and powerful. Taylor's songs are centered on witty lyricism and a contempt for pop song structure, along with a love of fuzz and melody.

Joel Alan Taylor relocated to San Francisco from Rhode Island in December of 2014, released an acoustic studio record, "FTM", on July 15th of 2015 that was recorded in SF with recording engineer Bozho Lasich (Travis Hayes, Maya Hall, Justin Seagrave, James Taugher). The latest project, also created with Lasich, is an ambitious, guitar-heavy 4-track EP named "Taylor", released this past July. ?

Taylor had also been equally immersed in his rock band, The Cooper Taylor Project, founded by he and fellow San Francisco songwriter Ethan Cooper in October of 2015, until Cooper left San Francisco for Massachusetts after a year and a half. With the Cooper Taylor Project and quite a few solo acoustic folk-rock performances behind him, Taylor is anxious to really stretch his legs with the Pretty Noises.

Logan Magness

Growing up in a city with musical heritage as rich and diverse as Memphis, Tennessee will undoubtedly shape a young and impressionable teenager. Logan Magness credits his youth spent in his hometown as the prime factor in the soulful versatility of his songwriting. Fans of Isbell, Adams and Tweedy will welcome Magness’s own brand of emotional honesty.

Magnolia Demos, self-released in March of 2016, is the debut EP from Magness. A brief but effective glimpse into the introspective mind of a budding songwriter and performer. His memorable tenor delivers four lyrically charged tracks that are unflinchingly personal yet relatable.

Based in San Francisco, Magness has built a captive audience appreciative of his turn of phrase and raw, tell it like it is attitude.

In November 2016, Magness will step into the famed Prairie Sun Studios to record his debut LP, 'It's Morning, What Now', set for release in the spring of 2017.

Naghmeh and the Sams

Naghmeh Is a Montreal based singer songwriter- she is a bitter sweet songstress with a sarcastic twist. She first developed her musical career in San Francisco, where she found her voice and flow. San Francisco is also where she met Sam Marshall, with whom she has started a cross country (and border) collaboration since her recent move to Canada.

Naghmeh and the Sams had their first song collaboration at The Neck of Woods. The two will be reunited for a full set in this same venue, where they get to rejoice in the sharing of this long CanadioAmerican project.

Venue Information:
Neck of the Woods
406 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118


  1. Neck of the Woods 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA