Syd The Kyd

Event has passed (Fri Apr 5, 2013 - Fri Apr 5, 2013)
The New Parish
Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm
$10.00 - $12.00


The break out hip-hop hipster group Odd Future has been creating waves in the music industry for the past couple of months and for good reason. Each member of the group: Mike G., Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Syd tha Kid, Left Brain, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, and the M.I.A. member Earl Sweatshirt, has a distinctive style, story and voice.

Most people label the member of Odd Future as crazy kids who say outlandish sh*t without a purpose or a cause, but if you engage in the music and listen to the lyrics, you may be surprised that a lot of their music is quite genius. A good portion of that genius comes from the group's lone-female member, Syd tha Kid, who serves as the group's DJ, producer and engineer. With that run down alone, you should already know that Syd tha Kid is a dope female for breaking into a world usually dominated by men.

So if you're wondering, how does a female hold her own in an all male group that raps about raping women and serial killers? Well, it's quite simple, Syd's musical taste is dope and her production skills are deliberate and precise. Syd's beats compliment the vivid, yet intriguing horror tales of Tyler, the Creator and Hodgey Beats. She knows how to isolate the beat, where you can process the lyrics of her crazy comrades and process the aesthetics of her own personal sound separately, yet simultaneously. Sounds complicated? Well, making dope music isn't simple or easy.

Female producers are few and far between, but Syd tha Kid definitely holds her own on the engineering panel. Her song "Flashlight," which happens to be the only song Syd's released, flaunts her angelic autotuned voice and her ear for musical detail.

In an MTV interview, Syd tha Kid dishes about her father telling her that her involvement with Odd Future was "slapping a lot of other females in the face." Syd's reply "that's what I do, I slap bitches, dad." With that one line, Syd tha Kid is doper than a motherf*cking acid trip.


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