Switch Dance Series

Event has passed (Tue Dec 11, 2018 - Tue Dec 11, 2018)
Studio Valencia
08:00 PM
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Equalize Follow, Lead & Roletrade Tango and Fusion skills. Weekly Class & Facilitated Practice, Month-Topics. Advance TIX required w/ No-Fee Eventbrite, NO At-Door: $10 DropIn, $18 2Wk, $35 Month, $45 Privates. CLASS 8pm. PRACTICE 9pm. INFO: Text 415-335-6384. *FAQs to attend below.* RSVP on FB: facebook.com/events/267484780783135. DEC 2018 Topic: Rapport Technique for Rebounds, Turns, Leans, and Rhythm Changes.


No Partner Required. Yes, you need smooth-bottom pivot-turn FLAT shoes (leather or suede soles). NO heels, NO rubber soles, NO slip-on shoes or boots: must lace or strap. TIX Reminder: No At-Door, Advance TIX required for yourself and friends you bring.

Weekly Class/Practice taught gender-neutral, LGBT-inclusive, in Monthly topics. All partners rotate, in each duet both dancers work on all 3 skills in each exercise & phrase. Warm-up Solo Exercises help dancers more rapidly level-up w/ home-practice. Music is 50/50 Classic Tango & Fusion/Electronic. This is a platonic, team-oriented, focused training environment; we encourage the formation of 4-Person Practice Teams. We integrate floor navigation skills with Roletrade transitions and provide Switch etiquette to make it easy to find Switch dancers in every dance event worldwide.
7:55pm WARM-UP. Change your shoes, sign in, do a warm-up walk In-Area or Line of Dance. Warm-Up strongly recommended before Class.

8pm CLASS.
LEVEL is Beginner Intermediate: at least 1 month's experience in Fusion or Tango required. Beginners who have never Partner Danced before can book 4 Private Lessons for $160 prior to attending SDS, or contact us for current starter-workshop recommendations. Experienced dancers can attend with 1-time DropIn, 2 Week Pass, or Month Pass Tickets.
Attendance til 9:15pm is REQUIRED.
Partners change after each 2-song set (tanda), initiated by cortinas (30sec audio interlude), while Teacher is on hand to answer questions. Practice runs both outer ring Tango line-of-dance and midfloor area-dance to allow practice of different dance styles of spatial navigation practice, and varying styles of roletrade mid-song integrated with floor navigation skills. Per tanda, partners can opt to dance Both-Role: one song each in Lead and Follow, or dance Switch: continuously inviting & receiving roletrades back & forth (pass, steal & place) throughout the Tanda. In this Practice environment it's OK to both verbally ask partners to dance (Fusion style) as well as practicing your cabaceo (Tango's Look & Nod) to non-verbally change partners.

Casual pants with give/stretch that allow you to move in every direction. NO big belt buckles, NO big jewelry.

WHEN ARE YOU CLOSED?For closures for Holidays & Tour Dates, check our FB Group/Event and tangomango.org weekly. Closures 2018-2019: SEP 4, OCT 30, NOV 6-13 &27, DEC 25, JAN 1 2019, APR 30 2019. SF SWITCH TANGO AND FUSION is a project of Humilityswim Dance Media (HDM).
Check our Page for weekly updates: https://www.facebook.com/sfswitchtangoandfusion

Ali Woolwich has been a professional Modern/Contemporary Dancer and teacher for 30+ years, taking up Argentine Tango and Blues/Fusion 10 years ago and teaching both forms nationally since 2012. Ali has been Director of Humilityswim Dance Media (HDM) in San Francisco since 1999, producing weekly Class Series, Workshops, and dance conference events in Modern/Contemporary Partnering, performance techniques, dance-for-camera, and Social Dance Forms both locally and nationally for universities, studio professional dancers, teacher training programs, LGBT community organizations and a range of recreationalists: kids, teens, disabled dancers, and elders. Ali's teaching is informed by decades' training and practice in Release Techniques, Dance Conditioning for Movement Efficiency and Injury Prevention, yoga and and massage. 

Private lessons with Ali Woolwich are available at 4 San Francisco studios by appointment Wed-Sun, walking distance from BART stops in Downtown and The Mission District, $45 1-Session, $160 4-Session, with 72 hours notice to book studio times, and $70 per Sitecall (teacher comes to you) Session.To book: 1. BUY then 2. SCHEDULE. 1. BUY: from the Eventbrite Ticketing Menu select this week (for Private Lessons, the "Select A Date" Button is only the Purchase Date not the Scheduled Appointment), then select Private Lesson Studio 1-Session, Studio 4-Session or Sitecall, and complete credit card payment. 2. SCHEDULE BY TEXT: 415-335-6384 with first and last name, dates & times requested.3. You will receive 2 confirmations to your scheduling text: the first will confirm timeslots, the second will be the address of the booked location within 72 hours of received text.


  1. Studio Valencia 455A Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA