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Rickshaw Stop
8 PM
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STU LARSEN has no home. Three years ago he made a decision to leave behind normality, security and comfort, choosing to live as simply as possible and to follow the opportunities that would lay themselves down in front of him. A bold but necessary move as he found himself getting caught in the day to day life of a working man while dreaming of a life on the road. Names such as vagabond, gypsy and troubadour have often been thrown around in reference to Larsen, but he seems to embrace all that come his way. Since leaving his quiet little town in Queensland, Australia, Larsen has spent the years being on the move, touring, recording, driving friends tour vans and pretty much anything else that allows him to stay on the road. With tours through Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK and Europe taking up the majority of his time so far, there are always talks of venturing to America and Canada in the windows of spare time that seem to be so few and far between.

RYEFORD is Larsen's current release, recorded in an empty farmhouse in rural Queensland with good friends Luke Thompson (New Zealand) and Tim Hart (Sydney, Boy & Bear). The three friends spent a week in isolation, recording the five tracks live for Larsen's EP. The trio work together to bring together a mix of guitar, banjo, ukelele and 3 part harmonies in places, bringing out the very essence of these folk tunes Larsen had written over the previous year, partly inspired by life on the road and partly about nearing the end of a long distance relationship with a New Zealand songstress.

2013 will see the release of Larsen's next project which he is currently working on. Until then, follow the journey on facebook.

RYEFORD available on iTunes and can also be ordered HERE.


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