Story Night in San Francisco Downtown Hostel - October

Tue Oct 24
Hostelling International - Downtown
01:00 PM
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"The shortest distance between two people is a story."

...And that's the motivation behind this story night at Hostelling International in Downtown San Francisco!

Guests of the hostel and friends are invited to this evening, brought to you by Paula Junn and the generous San Francisco Downtown Hostel.

After we share a nice meal (contributions welcome but not necessary), Paula will lead us through a series of short exercises to help us craft a story from our life, and then we'll each share our story.

Feeling shy? Don't worry, nobody will judge you. We're coming together to hear from each other, whatever comes out.

The theme for the upcoming story night is "Stupid Cupid". Do you have stories around awkward dates, or just dating in general? Have you met anyone on the notorious OKCupid?

Let's share our experiences through stories! The stories don't have to be funny at all, so no pressure there.

We're looking forward to seeing *and* hearing you!


  1. Hostelling International - Downtown
    312 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA