#StickyQuestions Participatory Mural Project DONE

Tue Dec 12 (full schedule below)
Asian Art Museum
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Artists Mary-Claire Amable, Celi Tamayo-Lee and Jason Wyman have been working with community members, including the museum’s Art Speak high school interns, to create a new mural for the Art/Lit LIZ as part of the #StickyQuestions project. The project asks questions that spark sometimes unexpected observations about ourselves and the world in which we live and invites us to write responses on squares of paper that will cover the Art/Lit LIZ mural wall. The artists have been holding a series of workshops to gather content for the wall and you are invited to come and add your own voice during the course of the installation. The ever-changing participatory mural will be on view at the museum’s outdoor Art/Lit LIZ from mid-October to mid-January.

About #StickyQuestions
#StickyQuestions partners with organizations, programs, artists and initiatives to curate participatory pop-ups, asking guiding questions and encouraging participants to express their answers on paper cutouts. The cutouts are then displayed to invite curiosity, reorient space and challenge perspective.

About the Art/Lit LIZ
As part of a city initiative to revive underutilized public spaces with art, performance and community activities, San Francisco has created several Living Innovation Zones (LIZ). We are honored to share a LIZ with the San Francisco Public Library: the Art/Lit LIZ, on the corner of Fulton and Larkin streets. The Art/Lit LIZ is a platform for installations, performances, art-making and other events and includes a 30-foot-long mural wall that presents a rotating display of site-specific artworks.

Meet outside Asian Art Museum - on the corner of Fulton and Larkin Streets.


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