Starfish: a solo exhibition by Sarah Thibault

Event has passed (Sat Jan 12, 2019 - Sat Jan 12, 2019)
Royal NoneSuch Gallery
Gallery Opening, Art


Royal NoneSuch Gallery presents Starfish: a solo exhibition of five new large-scale oil paintings and an installation by Sarah Thibault. The title, Starfish, refers to the slang phrase, “to starfish,” which Urban Dictionary defines as “the act of spreading one’s body out in bed, each limb and the head creating the 5 points of a star like a starfish.”  The exhibition aims to articulate and magnify female and femme experiences, and allow those perspectives to take up space in the gallery.

In conjunction with the exhibition there will be two special events that build on Starfish’s theme of taking up space. The first is a series of readings hosted by Cliterary Salon, a monthly literary event that prioritizes female, femme, and non-binary bodies and experiences. The second is a Power Pose Workshop where gallery visitors will be invited to learn broad and expansive poses, like “The Wonder Woman,” that are meant to open up the body and allow people to feel more confident and empowered.

In the spirit of movements like the Women’s March and #metoo, these large-scale paintings, sound and light installation, and the associated programming are meant to combat the continued assaults on the female, femme, and non-binary body by the government, the media and patriarchal culture. The five paintings, one for each point of the starfish, are based on Thibault’s height using it as the smallest dimension.  The use of first-person point of view, and the orange and pink color palette of salt lamps, prioritize a feminine perspective that is intimate yet expansive .


  1. Royal NoneSuch Gallery 300 Jefferson Street, Oakland, CA