Traditional Shotokan Karate for kids and adults.  Summer Karate Camp from June through August. Member of the International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF). more
Core TaeKwonDo emphasizes traditional, time-tested techniques and teaches them through a variety of innovative, modern instructional practices. Core TaeKwonDo is a certified WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) TaeKwonDo school.   Core TaeKwonDo... more
One Martial Arts is a unique family oriented facility dedicated to the mental and physical enhancement of the human spirit. Our commitment is to help people be their best. Our specialized martial arts programs for ages 4 years to adults, are dedicate... more
Palo Alto Ninjutsu was founded by shihan (senior instructor) Yaron Galant in 2002. It belongs to a Japanese Ninjutsu school named Bujinkan which is headed by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and records close to 900 years of continuous lineage. Ninjutsu is exce... more
Kendo, or Japanese fencing, is rooted in the sword-fighting techniques of ancient samurai. San Mateo Kendo Dojo <> was founded in 1981 in San Mateo, California and is instructed by high rank kendoists from Japan. Since San... more
Silver Dragon Kung Fu image
Silver Dragon Kung Fu is a family-oriented Martial Arts school located in Daly City, California.  We specialize in the traditional kung fu style of Choy Lay Fut, but also offer programs such as Preschool Martial Arts, Extreme Perf... more
A space in Daly City to learn and practice martial arts. more