Cinnabar Hills Golf Club image
Peacefully tucked in and around the hills, a short drive south of fast-paced Silicon Valley, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club blends championship-caliber golf with spectacular views. San Jose's first public course to open in 30 years was designed by award-wi... more
Los Lagos Golf Course image
Environmentally Friendly Golf for Everybody - all handicaps Los Lagos Golf Course is not a traditional par-72 course. The careful integration into the sensitive natural habitat surrounding Coyote Creek resulted in Los Lagos being a par-68 course w... more
Why are the MVP Golf Lessons the Best For Most Golfers? When a golfer uses the MVP Golf teachings they will put an end to Over the top swings, Topping the ball, Thin shots, Fat shots, Slice, or Hooks all caused by the most common errors in the golf... more
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Pin High Golf, a golf range, bar and grill, pro shop, golf instruction ------------------------------------------------ $3 per hole...everyday! When you really want to play golf but you dont have enough time to, Pin High Golf Center is perfect.... more