Osso Steakhouse

1177 California Street, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.771.6776
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Sun - Sat (5pm - 10pm)


What is the difference between a very good steak and a great steak?

A great steak requires aging in a large, specialized facility that provides a sanitized environment.  A highly skilled butcher must be on premises at all times to monitor air flow, temperature and humidity. During the-aging, the meat's natural enzymes act as tenderizers, breaking down the connective tissue that holds the muscles together. At the same time, moisture evaporation improves the texture and taste of the meat, making it richer and more buttery. 

All steaks served as Osso’s are top grade 100% USDA Prime, or Certified Angus Beef, sourced by eight highly-qualified buyers. Only the finest of the finest cuts of beef are selected.  

Osso's method of preparation, searing the meat in its own natural juices, makes it "Osso Good!!!"

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