Space Evaders

Event has passed (Wed Sep 3, 2014 - Wed Sep 3, 2014)
El Rio
Doors @ 8, Music @ 9
Music, Rock


Space, the primal frontier. Come out and explore all 13 dimensions.

Odawas: In 2009, Odawas lighted amongst the oceanic synths and shimmering ambiance of The Blue Depths. Five years on, 2014 marks the return of our psychonauts, with their new LP, Reflections of a Pink Laser, released on Parisian boutique label, Bookmaker Records. Once again casting their gaze into the cosmos, the present finds Odawas crafting songs of the future to deal with the past. Drawing from the later novels of science-fiction visionary Philip K. Dick, songwriter Michael James Tapscott adapts campfire stories of personal narrative and vicarious observation for the frozen flames of Ichthys.

Deep Fried: The musical vessel known as Deep Fried holds four souls, four men who have labored, bled, and tarried till the wee hours over their rock-pop confections. Formed at the tail end of the Chinese year of the Snake, Deep Fried is the brainchild of Austin Dillon (a Texan cantor that worships James Brown and Lux Interior in the corner shrine of his bedroom), Brandon Eisenberg (a pirate-beard that uses his bass as a ouija board on the third Friday of each month), Eric Sanabria (lead guitarist who divined the licks of Iommi and Rhoads with antennae located around the occipital lobe of his lizard brain), and Troy Housman (authorities have requested we do not disclose his background until the public is made aware of upcoming scientific discoveries).

Guitar Wizards of the Future: Deranged stuff; a meeting between Thurston Moore, The Velvet Underground, and J. Mascis lounging inside a giant tub of ganja. Oakland’s Guitar Wizards of the Future are a band that absolutely won’t be be defined by ANY genre. Formed by Coty McClung and Ryan Kauffman, the Guitar Wizards intentionally hit as many genres as they can. “I have a short attention span, so I could never stick to one style,” explains McClung. “There’s too many awesome styles of music out there. Any constraints on form seem like a bad idea.”


  1. El Rio
    3158 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

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