Sound 006: Matthew Dekay, Silicone Soul

Event has passed (Fri May 10, 2013 - Fri May 10, 2013)
The Great Northern
10pm - 4am
$10 - $20
Clubs, Music
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Sound Department returns with their 6th event at Mighty. This is the debut in San Francisco for both of these established veterans.

Matthew Dekay is a Dutch electronic music composer and DJ whose label All Day I Dream is responsible for pushing some of today’s most romantic, melancholic and emotional house music. In 2008, Matthew moved to NYC and spent a summer season in Ibiza. This was where he fell in love with underground music again thanks to Ricardo Villalobos, and by the time he met Lee Burridge later that year, he knew he had found his musical soul mate. Matthew and Lee Burridge later decided to take their collaboration to the next step, starting a label together in 2011. All Day I Dream began with a series of four daytime parties on a rooftop in Brooklyn NYC, in the summer of 2011. Also, a release on All Day I Dream, “Für Die Liebe”, a song which would later go on to become one of the biggest records at 2011’s infamous Burning Man festival. Anyway, after completing a metamorphosis through many styles and sounds, Matthew believes he has finally done a full 360, and has now been brought back to where he feels the most comfortable expressing his creativity – in underground music.

Silicone Soul is the perfect name to describe the way they cajole then sculpt every sonic ingredient from their machines with maximum care and emotion. They've always turned their heads away from vacuous trends to follow their passion and instincts, famously turning down Top Of The Pops for their 2001 top ten hit ‘Right On’ but happy in the knowledge that every single they release kicks off in the underground clubs; esoteric, melodically-textured and underpinned by a compulsive, euphoric throb harking back to the earliest days of disco. Over the course of four albums, the pair have turned the often tricky task of making a substantial electronic dance album into an art form, partly by remembering what made classic albums happen and last in the first place.

Special Guests:

Silicone Soul [Darkroom Dubs, Soma]
“10 years of Darkroom Dubs Tour”

Matthew Dekay [All Day I Dream, Innervisions]

Martin Aquino [One Records, Surface, Fantastic Friends]

William Wardlaw [As You Like It]

Tyrel Williams [Acid Test]


  1. The Great Northern
    119 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA