Showcase 011 Featuring Emily Reo, Yalls, Cuddle Formation & Peace Arrow

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DNA Lounge
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Emily Reo ✿

Emily Reo takes things slow. In 2009 she put out Minha Gatinha, an album of narcotized dream-pop that sounded like she'd been on a steady diet of Neil Young’s honey slides (she also covered “On the Beach”, capturing and translating the song's despair for a bedroom recording generation that spent the last three years stuck on Beach House). In the years following, the Orlando-born singer and synth manipulator’s output came to a standstill as she moved from Florida to New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. Olive Juice, Reo’s first official release in several years-- even though five of the album’s eight songs have already been around for awhile in different form-- shows she’s gone a long way musically as well. Though her vinyl debut and sophomore record still moves along at a resting heart rate, she's shed the heavy-lidded haze that swaddled these songs the first time around. - Jen Pelly for Pitchfork

Yalls ✿

By some weird stroke of luck, whenever I’ve written about Berkeley’s Dan Casey it has been for his rock project Steezy Ray Vibes and not his electronic alter ego Yalls, which caught my ear in the first place. The Voice is the new Yalls EP, released today for however much you’d like to pay. “These voices aren’t mine,” he wrote on Bandcamp of its sampled, often pitched-up chirps and dewy vocals, “but I’m singing with them.” The first two tracks are especially good, but it’s the bubbly starts and stops of “Preta” that are really floating me up from the late afternoon slump. - The FADER

Cuddle Formation ✿

Longtime friends, fellow world-wanderers, occasional path-crossers, and dreamy musicians Cuddle Formation and The Spookfish just released a split cassette called Earthbound on Patient Sounds.

The Patient Sounds blurb says it best: “This split tape is a representation of both their friendship and their craft. Minimal and aching compositions for voice, guitar, keys, loops, humans. Marked by a distinct desire for understanding and compassion.” Check out the anxiety-soothing loop-based “Lullaby for Twenty-somethings” by Cuddle Formation, and “Car Horn,” a guitar composition by The Spookfish. Also listen to the split in its entirety on Patient Sounds, and pick up a tape for having and holding.

Peace Arrow ✿

Reemerging from the swamplands of Gainesville, Peace Arrow has returned with a new single, “Broken Bridge,” which is off of his upcoming full-length, ↑↓↑↓. Though Mitch has been making Peace Arrow more melodic than his original project Hear Hums, the beginning of this track starts with a mixture of bowed banjo drones, finger-picked guitar rifts, and a simple kalimba scale that keeps you grounded as you get submerged into an ocean of low tones. The build leads you into a soundscape while Mitch’s voice guides you through the articulately messy swamps and caverns that he has created for you to explore. If this is what to come of the Florida native’s solo project, I couldn’t be happier.


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