'Shapes of Abstract' E Regua and J Rampage at the Telegraph Hill Gallery

Event has passed (Sun Feb 25, 2018 - Wed Feb 28, 2018)
Telegraph Hill Gallery - {TH(e)Gallery}
12:00 PM
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Telegraph Hill Gallery is pleased to present a two-person show featuring the works of Ernest Regua and Joshua Rampage. ‘Shapes of Abstract’ will run from February 1 through February 28, 2018 with an opening reception on February 2 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. This is Rampage’s first showing with the gallery, while Regua is a returning artist. ‘Shapes of Abstract’ will feature Regua’s paintings exploring the interplay of natural and manmade forms and Rampage’s works probing on hidden texts in secretive works. Both of these artists use stunning array of colors, layers, and shapes to dictate their artworks. Regua holds a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Bachelor of Arts in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute, and Bachelor of Arts from San Diego State University. He has extensive experience with exterior murals in collaboration with Arts Council Silicon Valley, City of San Jose, City of Sunnyvale and individual schools. Regua exhibits work regularly in California and New York.  ‘My interest encompasses juxtaposing elements of color, lines and shapes manifested in an optical play that references architecture and biomorphic forms.’ - Ernest Regua?His paintings draw inspiration from our everyday surroundings. The symbiotic relationship of manmade structures and natural occurrences fill the canvases he paints. This bringing together of different elements is evident throughout his works - the solid shapes harmonize with the spiraling lines; the circles and curvatures surround the geometry creating balance. The interplay of imagined space reveal both tension and humorous intersections. Rampage studied at the University of Indiana and received a degree in Graphic Design. It was during his time at U.I. that he developed a passion for typography. This has gone onto inspire the series of paintings, developed over the last eight years, being shown here at Telegraph Hill Gallery. Rampage has also completed an artist residency program in Australia and shows his work in the San Francisco area regularly. ‘These abstracts are derived from literal secrets. Secrets reflect us and frame how we interact with each other.’ - Joshua RampageThe process of removing a letter from itself, breaking it into a raw shape delicately crafted with color, is a driving force behind his work. In doing so, he instills a brief moment where you may think you have discovered the secret hidden beneath the layers of bright paints, only to find that it is but a fragment of the whole. He describes his works as, ‘giving secrets form and allowing others to observe them in a new incarnation.’

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