SFWC 2018: THE ACORN COURSE: Turning Your Ideas into Writing

Event has passed (Mon Feb 19, 2018 - Mon Feb 19, 2018)
Mark Hopkins
Art, Literary


In 1797, essayist D. Everett wrote, “Large streams from little fountains flow, tall oaks from little acorns grow.” We’ve all been struck by that acorn—that nut of an idea—but what to do with it? In this course, we’ll explore how one little idea….an acorn of an idea…can be nurtured and developed into many media. Does that idea about Grandmother’s jewelry, or the indiscretion you never wanted revealed, or the risk you took when you were beyond middle age work best as a short story or poem, a feature film or a documentary, an essay, memoir, novel, theater play? In this workshop class, we will explore the possibilities. Every student will be given ample time, support, and guidance toward going so far outside the envelope that Mars comes into view!
And yes, when the genre has been decided, writing begins!


  1. Mark Hopkins 999 California Street, San Francisco, CA