SFWC 2018: Planning and Rewriting For Work

Event has passed (Mon Feb 19, 2018 - Mon Feb 19, 2018)
Mark Hopkins
Art, Literary


First plan your plot so it compels the reader to follow it, to care more and more deeply as the characters develop and the stakes get higher. When it is clear in your mind you can add the twists, the color and the excitement, passion, humour etc.
There are ways to develop bridging conflict, avoid long exposition and the saggy bits in the middle. There must always be tension of some sort, whether it is within one person, two people, nations or even galaxies. But the internal conflict of impossible dilemmas is best. We all have them. Let’s explore and enrich.
Rewrite is to see that we have the very best version of this story that we can. It is more than getting rid of errors, repetitions, ambiguities, flat bits. It is a desire to make good scenes even better, to take the missed opportunities, to expand the characters and scenes that could have done more. This book may last hundreds of years – let’s make it your very best.


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