SF Sketchfest at Doc's Lab! Jan 11 - 28

Event has passed (Thu Jan 11, 2018 - Thu Jan 11, 2018)
Doc's Lab
08:00 PM
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- Inside the Closet podcast with Matteo Lane and Emma Willmann (1/12 @ 8pm)
- Standup Spotlight: Matteo Lane and Emma Willmann, Hosted by Ray Connolly (1/12 @ 10pm)
- Audible presents Fresh Voices with Becky Braunstein, Jesse Hett, Kenice Mobley, Joe Nguyen, Bret Reybould, Bethany Van Delft, Emily Winter and host Sean McKenzie (1/13 @ 7:30pm)
- Audible presents Fresh Voices with Fumi Abe, Jon Allen, Nicole Calasich, Chris Conatser, Drew Harmon, Jane Harrison, Chad Opitz and host Allison Hooker (1/13 @ 10pm)
- Attractive Camp with Nicole Calasich, Francesca Fiorentini and Jesse Hett and guests Nathan Brannon, Jane Harrison, Barbara Holm and Lewis Sequeira (1/14 @ 7:30pm)
- Audible's Wish List with JB Ball, Matt Lieb, JoAnn Schinderle, Steph Tolev and more (1/18 @ 7:30pm)
- When Puppets Are Your Only Friends with Pam Severns, Ron Lynch and more (1/19 @ 7:30pm)
Blazers and White Tennis Shoes: 80's Standup Comedy Boom with Shain Brenden, Ginny Hogan, Luna Malbroux, Emmett Montgomery, Shannon Noll, Blake Wexler and more, Hosted by Drew Platt (1/19 @ 10pm)
- Audible presents Fresh Voices with Emily Catalano, Ben Feldman, Brooke Heinichen, Justin Hicks, Hoodo Hersi, Drew Platt, Torio Van Grol and host Jill Maragos (1/20 @ 7:30pm)
- Audible presents Fresh Voices with Allie Amrien, Chris Gordon, Andie Main, Dalia Malek, Andrew Orolfo, Caitlin Peluffo, Ronn Vigh and host Joe Tobin (1/20 @ 10pm)
- I Think I'd Be Good At That with Drew Harmon and guests Lauren Davis, Ed Hill, Caitlin Peluffo, Sid Singh and Chris Storin (1/21 @ 7:30pm)
- Audible's Wish List with Francesca Fiorentini, Julia Hladkowicz, Natasha Muse, Nick Youssef and more (1/25 @ 7:30pm)
- Nostalgia Personified with Michael C. Maronna and Danny Tamberelli (1/26 @ 7:30pm)
- Defend Your Movie! with Sean Donnelly and Farah Brook (1/26 @ 10pm)
- The Special Without Brett Davis (1/27 @ 7:30pm)
- Standup Spotlight: Andres du Bouchet & Brooke Van Poppelen, Hosted by Jim Tews (1/27 @ 10pm)
- The Set Up with Abhay Nadkarni and Richard Sarvate and guests Eman El-Husseini, Ben Feldman, Liz Greenwood, Jill Maragos, Jake Mattera and Mark Smalls (1/28 @ 7:30pm)


  1. Doc's Lab 124 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA