SF Guitarworks Custom Guitar Building Workshop

Event has passed (Sat Oct 15, 2016 - Sun Nov 20, 2016)
San Francisco Guitarworks
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Music, City, Seminar


This one-of-a-kind two day workshop (October 15th & 16th and November 19th & 20th) will offer you the opportunity to not only learn the skills of soldering, electronics assembly, guitar assembly and final set-up, but to walk out with an amazing guitar custom spec'd and built by you. This class is also a great opportunity for team-building events.

The necks are made by Musikraft and the bodies are finished & relic'd by MJT Aged Finishes. All fretwork is completed on the Plek! Here’s what the workshop will cover:

- Orientation, parts inventory, Q&A
- Soldering Demo and hands on practice—Geoff will show you proper soldering and wire finishing techniques, then you can practice on spare parts before assembling and wiring your electronics package
- Pickguard/control plate assembly and soldering
- Guitar body assembly—install pickups, pickguard, bridge and strap buttons – This is where the guitar starts to take shape. The pickguard and pickups are installed, as are the bridge and strap buttons.
- Neck assembly—install tuners and string tree, attach neck to body – look, a guitar!
- Geoff will then take you through the SF Guitarworks Setup Workshop, where you will be shown the entire SF Guitarworks 19 point setup process. From taking initial action measurements, through all adjustments, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of making your guitar play great. The scope of adjustment includes using the truss rod to set neck relief, bridge action and radius settings, string height at nut, intonation and pickup height.
- Wrap up and rock out

More information is available here: http://sfguitarworks.com/?p=4943

Next workshops:
October 15th & 16th from 10 AM – 5 PM: two spaces left. Deadline to sign up is July 31st.
November 19th & 20th from 10 AM – 5 PM: four spaces left. Deadline to sign up is August 27th.

About the instructor, Geoff Luttrell:
Geoff Luttrell opened the doors of San Francisco Guitarworks in 2001 when he graduated from Fretworks Guitar Repair School. He has built a reputation for exacting standards--producing the finest fretwork, most precise setups and flawless restorations--while delivering exemplary customer service. This reputation has made Geoff and the shop an integral part of the bay area music community. Before luthiery, his mastery of several other trades--certified 6G pipe welding, ASE certified sports car mechanics, bicycle frame building, raft guiding--laid the foundation for his career as a guitar repair technician. In 2012, Geoff translated his years of seeing what works, and fixing what doesn't into his own line of custom guitars, Luttrell Guitarworks. For years, Geoff has been sharing his repair expertise by teaching workshops, writing articles and lecturing.


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