Scott B. Davis: on the probability of darkness

Mon May 20 (full schedule below)
Euqinom Gallery
12-5pm Wed-Saturday
Gallery Opening, Art


Euqinom Gallery is pleased to present on the probability of darkness, an exhibition of new work by scott b. davis. This is Davis’s second exhibition with the gallery and includes pictures made in the past two years throughout the desert landscapes of Mexico, Arizona and California. This expands upon Davis’s poetic investigations of the western landscape while further pushing the images towards abstraction. Working in the spirit of William Henry Fox Talbot and Sir John Herschel, the photographs are made using time-consuming, 19th century formulas including platinum/palladium printing, abandoning the precision and control often expected from photography and making new visual discoveries along the way. The resulting images explore the boundaries of visibility in the darkness and overwhelming light of the Sonoran desert, creating pictures of landscapes that are both literal and abstract. The exhibition will include Davis’s largest piece to date, comprised of ten photographs taken along the U.S./Mexico border.


Euqinom Gallery
1295 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA
Mon May 20 (12-5pm Wed-Saturday)
Tue May 21 (12-5pm Wed-Saturday)
Wed May 22 (12-5pm Wed-Saturday)
Thu May 23 (12-5pm Wed-Saturday)
Fri May 24 (12-5pm Wed-Saturday)


  1. Euqinom Gallery 1295 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA