San Francisco's Hunt for Change

Event has passed (Sat May 19, 2018 - Sat May 19, 2018)
Harmonic Brewing
12:00 PM
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Welcome to the first annual San Francisco Hunt for Change! This is a scavenger hunt developed for those of you that want to get more involved in your community, frustrated by the way the world is right now, but aren't really sure how to change things yourself or where to start.The hunt contains a list of 30 items developed to help you step outside of your comfort zone, learn something new, and hopefully, find a cause or an issue that you're passionate about and that you can directly get involved in. You have 6 weeks to complete as many items as you'd like and earn bonus points along the way. As you complete items, post them on social media with the tag #SFhuntforchange and share your progress!
On Saturday, May 19th, we're going to be hosting a celebration at the end of the hunt. There will be snacks, we'll have prizes, and we hope that you join us to share stories about crazy or weird things that you've done, share some of your favorite moments and come together!
Pick the items that sound most interesting to you, find a buddy or a group of friends, and go forth. Let the hunt begin!

San Francisco Hunt for Change - The List

Talk to someone who ran for elected office and lost. Submit a selfie with them. Bonus points if you can take a picture with their old campaign slogan or campaign sign.

Go to a board of supervisors meeting or city council meeting. Take a picture at or after the meeting and post on social media.

You probably have a family member or friend with an alternate view on something than your own. Create something together - we recommend a piece of furniture or a complex toy! Take a picture.

Talk to a homeless person and learn something about them. Take a picture together, or of something they own.

Learn the history of a local store owner. Take a picture of the store owner with the thing you purchased.

Volunteer for a political organization or campaign (bonus points if it's not your own party!) Take a picture with your new friends at the catering table!

Talk to someone who is part of the state government (house/senate) to understand their stance on a particular issue. Take a picture with them and share on social media.

Take a bus line you’ve never taken before. Take a picture with the bus (bonus points if you get one with the bus driver!)

Discover a student who’s won a science fair with a fascinating and new invention (it can be a local or national competition, like this one). Share it on social media with why you find it so interesting. 

Make a sculpture out of everyday objects of a state or federal building in California. Bonus points if you take a picture of your sculpture with the real building in the background.

The Historic Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento has been the residence for some of our governors, from Ronald Reagan to Jerry Brown. Take a picture of the mansion!

Take a selfie with any elected official getting tattoos together! (a temporary tattoo is okay too!)

What’s a major local or national issue you care about? Create a hashtag about it and get five friends to tweet about it. Send us the screenshot of the tweets.

Who’s the next rising national politician? Guess what - you’re introducing them at the convention! Come up with a 5-sentence intro of someone for the presidential nomination for 2020 (from any party)! No fictional characters allowed - this should be someone that could realistically run for office (which as we’ve seen, can be just about anyone).

Share your favorite TED talk about politics on social media.

Share a speech from another foreign leader/ president on social media (UN General Assembly speeches are a good resource).

Go to a meeting of a local activist group (housing, homelessness, BLM, etc.). Ask a question, and bring back an action item for the scavenger hunt group to do.

Make a sign for a rally or a protest. (Bonus points for making a large puppet!)

Get a library card for your local library - picture of your new library card or, if you already have a card, a selfie of you checking out a book!

Go to a refugee or a minority-owned restaurant. Take an insta-worthy pic of your food. Bonus points - find out what year the owner moved to the US.

Go to a small museum you’ve never been to before. Tell us the most surprising thing you’ve learned.

We think inspirational people should be as famous as movie stars. Draw a picture of someone that inspires you and tell us why.

Go to a religious ceremony or a temple that is not your own and give someone flowers.

Play patty-cake with a first responder. Take a picture - bonus points for video!

Ask a police officer to tell you a story - their first day on the job, their craziest day, their favorite toy, anything! Take a picture with them and post on social media.

Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile - a teacher, an old friend, etc. Take a picture or screenshot of your message.

Write a letter to someone in another country and get a response. Bonus points if you join a penpal program and write to a stranger! (Here are some ideas of programs:)

Postcrossing - send and receive postcards from around the world!

Global Penfriends - traditional penpal program, for either email or snail mail penpals

Book-related postcard exchange on GoodReads

Penpal World - another penpal program that prioritizes sending emails

Design a planet - a colony in space. How would you design a government and a society if you could build it from scratch? Submit anything - a drawing, picture, sculpture or a description.

This mayoral campaign in San Francisco has been one crazy thing after another, and the craziest thing yet just happened - they reduced the voting age to 10 years old! Write a brief children's story about your favorite mayoral candidate in order to convince a 10 year old on who to vote for.

Companies often have a mission statement. What would your personal mission statement be? Think of what you believe in and what you want to achieve. Make it a statement that inspires us - and more importantly, inspires you.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
There is no age minimum to do the San Francisco Hunt for Change. However, to attend the end of year celebration, the age minimum at the brewery is 21+. 
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Have questions about the Hunt for Change? Contact us at [email protected]


  1. Harmonic Brewing 1050 26th Street, San Francisco, CA