San Francisco Performances presents Ébène Quartet

Event has passed (Fri Mar 9, 2018 - Fri Mar 9, 2018)
Herbst Theatre
7:30pm - 9:30pm
$40 - $65


France’s youthfully ebullient Ébène Quartet’s program with San Francisco Performances will include works by Fauré, Haydn, and Beethoven.

Within a decade of forming, the Ébène Quartet transformed from a talented but youthful and virtually unknown string quartet to a highly respected ensemble with a prestigious recording deal and a touring schedule that included regular performances at major concert venues across Europe and North America. Indeed, and its dabbling into crossover repertory along the way has hardly hurt its rise, and its ability to vocalize on occasion has also added to its popularity and uniqueness. But that uniqueness doesn’t end there: the crossover fare is typically performed in arrangements made by the Ébène Quartet players, arrangements frequently sourced in film music that have drawn much acclaim for their imagination and craftsmanship. The group’s take on the score from Pulp Fiction and the song Streets of Philadelphia, from Philadelphia, are two examples of more popular crossover hits. But it is the ensemble’s classical side that has earned it its greatest successes, especially in performances of works by Haydn, Schubert, Brahms, Borodin, Fauré, Debussy, Ravel, Prokofiev, Bartók, and scores of others. Ébène Quartet has recorded for such labels as EMI/Virgin Classics and EuroArts.

The members of the ensemble are: Pierre Colombet and Gabriel Le Magadure, violins; Mathieu Herzog, viola; and Raphaël Merlin, cello.


  1. Herbst Theatre 401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA