San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

Event has passed (Fri Jan 20, 2017 - Fri Jan 20, 2017)
Grace Cathedral
7:00pm to 9:00pm
$24.00 - $45.00
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San Francisco Movement Arts Festival - Jan 2017 !!

One Festival
Two Cathedrals
Two back to back Fridays
Two different performance shows

Friday Jan 13th, 2017 = St Mary of the Assumption
Friday Jan 20th, 2017 = Grace Cathedral
(( NOTE: SFMAF Sold Out on line last Jan !! ))

With over 125+ local artists using Dance, Theater, Music & Visual Arts - SFMAF will be celebrating both the past year (2016) and the beginning of the new year (2017) in movement arts of the SF Bay Area local art scene - as we turn both Cathedrals into stages - including the main church floors, hallways, stairways, entryways and attached chapels. The actual performances will be going on, simultaneous, throughout the grand cathedrals, as people stroll about like at a farmer's market.

Cathedral St Mary of the Assumption, Jan 13th, will host 50+ local artists, creating Stations of the Movement (performances) using dance, theater, music and visual arts and celebrating our theme of Mother Mary (Thee most famous women down thru history), at the largest-modern Cathedral in SF today. St Mary's is a modern day version of the grand old cathedrals of Europe.

Grace Cathedral, Jan 20th, will host 125+ artists, creating Stations of the Movement (performances) celebrating the strong, diverse SF Bay Area local art scene in dance, theater, music and visual arts and honoring the historic space of this grand church.

Both evenings will present different performances. As the audience enters the cathedrals, performances will be going on, simultaneously, throughout the grand churches. Folks will stroll about, at their own pace, to witness the movement artists - like a Farmer’s Market – instead of produce, its performances.

A true Walkabout in Grace at both churches.

Artists will be presenting new works, custom designed for the interior sites of the Cathedrals and there'll be a few guest artists from SoCA; Los Angeles; Palm Springs, CA ; Austin, TX; New York City, Santa Barbara, CA and others.

*** There'll be over 12 Stations of the Movement at each church – all having different performance groups and/or soloists. NOTE: many stations will have mulitiple pieces (short 4 minutes or less) going on at their station. In other words, many stations will have multiple grps performing their short pieces and rotating. You're invited to watch a few at a station and then stroll over to another station. If one station is crowded, please visit some of the other stations and then go back. And some stations will have music, others in silence, even spoken word and a couple may even use some chanting. There'll be "Movement Choirs,” as well.

Please note: all pieces will be approximately 4 minutes or less – allowing audience members to see as many artists as they can and even revisit some of their favorites. It’s encouraged to not try and see all performance pieces - but instead - enjoy what you witness and enjoy your Cathedrals, themselves. In the end, SFMAF is a true festival.

The Stations of the Movement will be capped off with a main dance piece down the center of the church. Followed by giving thanks and acknowledging our performers, staff, churches and audience. The evening will come to a close with a 15 minute meet and greet between the audience and artists on the church’s main floors. A final period to share comments, give final thanks and say goodnight.

Further INFO:
email: [email protected]
phone: 650-three eight seven-0535

Performances and Activities:

Station of the Commanding Labyrinth
Station of the Fury Road
Station of the Magnificent Seven at the Red Stone Sculpture
Station of the Stone Stairs Music
Station of the Moving Red Umbrellas (Movement Choir)
Station of the Main Altar Steps
Station of the Movement behind Main Altar
Station of the Chapel #1 – The Chapel of Grace
Station of the Chapel #2 – Chapel of the Nativity
Station of the Chapel #3 – AIDS Memorial Chapel
Station of the Mother Mary (multiple stations)
and more …

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  1. Grace Cathedral
    1100 California Street, San Francisco, CA