Sample Sticks & Stones “Art Class” open to everyone 3-99yrs.

Event has passed (Fri Jan 19, 2018 - Fri Jan 19, 2018)
ARCH Art and Drafting Supply
03:00 PM
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Experience a class of “sticks & stones” for free. Class is limited to 12 participants. Bring your passion for fun!
Save the Date: Friday Jan. 19th, 2018 from 3pm-4pm
Sticks & Stones is a study that outlines the ground breaking concepts, ideas, and techniques that are found in Land Art, and other major art movements of the 21st. Century Through activities to be run with children & Adults ages 3yrs to 99 yrs. No prior Art Experience necessary. 
Teach children to use their imagination using natural materials such as stones, and empower them to create a world of possibilities available to them at any moment of the day, without the use of the latest action figure! 
The goal of Sticks and Stones is for children to produce aesthetic works of art that they can be proud to share, and beautifully documenting the process of creation in a Children’s Art Portfolio that will go home with them at the end of the 10 workshops! 
Sticks and Stones makes use of nature’s loose parts: stones, sticks, and leaves as well as mud to explore sculpture, and painting. These are some of the essential materials used with children to connect them to nature. In addition, we will also use pencils, paint, crayons, colored paint markers, children’s paint, paint brushes.
Parents or Caregivers are welcome to bring a camera or smart phone to document the children’s creations as well as the process of creation!
About the teacher:  
This series is led and curated by Contemporary Artist Paul Frank Wagner (


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