Founded in 1898, this church is the oldest Jodo Shinshu (Pure Land) Buddhist temple that is affiliated with the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). Buddhism is founded on the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha. His teachings originated in India and came t... more
Periodically, we organize special, intensive training sessions such as the Buddha recitation weeks (literally Buddha seven) or Chan weeks (literally Chan seven) at our training center. All of our events are open to the public and free of charge.... more
Kadampa Meditation Center San Francisco was established in 1991 to provide people in the Bay Area with the opportunity to learn about and practice Buddha’s teachings. Open to everyone, the Center offers meditation classes, a variety of intro... more
The only Thai temple in San Francisco! Good comfort food daily and a great resource for shedding your troubles. Classes offered on Buddhist principles, Thai language, and Buddhism in daily life.   This San Francisco Thai Temple is relatively n... more
San Francisco Zen Center is a Soto Zen community where the offerings of zazen, study and work practice are available to a diverse population of students, visitors, lay people, priests, and monks. All are welcome. General Information San Francis... more
The San Francisco Buddhist Center offers an unpretentious and grounded alternative to practitioners who feel daunted by the monastic upshots of Buddhism. Tucked away into an unassuming corner of the Mission District, the SFBC is part of an internatio... more
Tse Chen Ling means "Land of Great Compassion" in the Tibetan language. Our center was named by His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet.   We are a meditation, study and practice center. We offer courses following the basic Buddhist studies program... more