Relationship Survival at Burning Man

Event has passed (Sun Aug 20, 2017 - Sun Aug 20, 2017)
Center for Sex & Culture
01:00 PM
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Part of the magic of Burning Man is the altogether unexpected nature of what will happen. For one week, we step outside of our usual selves, finding God in a phone booth, discovering your true authentic self in the eyes of clown on whip-its, or stumbling upon the Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro.
But, all this novelty can be a strain on your relationship. Once you combine it with the heat, dehydration, drugs, strange food and stranger campmates, your previously lovely and wonderful partner may seem to have turned into some sort of dusty alien — one you can barely stand.
Fortunately, you can avoid a visit to the Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet with a bit of preparation and foresight. In this workshop, led by relationship coach and Burning Man veteran Marcia Baczynski, you’ll find out everything you need for your relationship to not only survive, but thrive, at Burning Man. We’ll cover:

Your #1 secret weapon for avoiding fights on the playa (especially those really, really stupid ones)
The real reason the Burn makes or breaks relationships
What to do when you have different ideas of what “fun at Burning Man” means
A quick and easy way to get the most out of your time together -- and apart
Simple and practical steps you can take now to make your Burn together the best one ever

Plus, you’ll walk out with your own personalized guide for staying connected, getting what you both need and having a blast during your time in the dust.
Whether you’re a virgin burner or going home yet again, join me for a practical teleclass that will help you make sure you get to enjoy your camp, your costumes and your favorite co-conspirators.
Because “going to the Burn” shouldn’t mean “sitting in a hot tent processing.”


  1. Center for Sex & Culture 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA