Queen Of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

1860 The Alameda, San Jose, CA
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Sun - Thu (7:00 am - 10 pm)
Fri - Sat (7:00 am - 11 pm)


You experience tradition and custom thousands of years in the making. It is in the way the food is presented to you, in the spices and herbs that are used, and in the slow cooking that produces the unique and complex flavors.Ethiopian food is made from all natural ingredients, and almost always prepared by hand. Mincing and cutting the ingredients by hand using a sharp knife ensures that the ingredients retain their natural structure and juiciness But, it's more than that. Our butter, which is purified using herbs and spices, is like no other. It gives Ethiopian dishes a highly aromatic, flavorful, yet extremely healthy base.Dining with the Queen is a transforming experience. You dine with all your senses. The aroma gets you first, then the colors. As you touch the food with your fingers, (forks and knifes, upon request), your senses tell you this is different. And then, you take a bite, and there is the final missing piece. Your senses are fulfilled and it unforgettable!