Project One Presents || KiloWatts || Plantrae || Bedrockk Fri. (1/24)

Event has passed (Fri Jan 24, 2014 - Fri Jan 24, 2014)


Project One, Mighty's little brother, is proud to bring you some banging Bass music from a stacked lineup of full on talent:



KiloWatts (Street Ritual)

In the wake of a singular bolt of lightning from beyond, KiloWatts has released his accumulated energy that has electrified ears and souls for over a decade. Utilizing an eco-friendly rechargeable solution, his chosen power-up stations reside in the minds of his listeners around the globe. It remains a revelation for electronic music to express the full depth of soul within the confines of the digital format, yet KiloWatts achieves this effortlessly. The music beckons the expression of divinity, with reverence, inside his careful and precise compositions. There, inside each song, lies a pristine seed that germinates and grows into veritable jungles of sound with hidden mathematical complexity. Shocking, to say the least. Whether experienced in headphones or on turbo sound systems, the music of KiloWatts is powerful and persistent. Close your eyes, open the theater of your mind, and watch the story unfold.

Plantrae (Street Ritual)
Plantrae is an intricate, energetic and biotic sound experience originating deep in the rainforests of cascadia. It is composed of a bass rooted, stretchy midtempo foundation and live viola improvisation that embodies the spirited essence of classical, swing and folk. Seeking to unite organic melody and intricate electronics, Plantrae also encourages the listener to delve deep into the humyn ethos, back to a time when we lived as one with the earth.

Bedrockk (Dirty // Clean)
Bedrockk is bass//soul//music. Currently based out of the Bay Area via Denver, producer/singer/guitarist Dave Marquess makes futuristic r&b with original vocals to create a sound he can truly call his own. As the co-founder of SF/Denver based label, Dirty//Clean, he has formed a crew of like-minded artists who always strive to push the bar in their productions. Take some soulful grit, colorful futuristic vibes, echo-falsetto vocals, some 808 bass music undertones, mix them together and you have something like Bedrockk.


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