Pre Post-Human Dada Salon

Event has passed (Thu Nov 3, 2016 - Thu Nov 3, 2016)
City Lights Bookstore
Arts, Literary


Andrei Codrescu presents a holographic view of the structure of Dada's DNA. Joining him will be Jerome Rothenberg performing with master bassist Bert Turetzky "That Dada Strain" and Jack Foley in duet with Helen Wendy Loo. It is not advisable, nor was it ever, to live a "dada life". It is and it was always foolish and self destructive to lead a "dada life" because a "dada life" will include by definition pranks, bufoonery, masking, deranged senses, intoxication, sabotage, taboo breaking, playing childish and/or dangerous games, waking up dead gods, and not taking education seriously. Amusement of oneself (and others) and the making of communities are the goals of Dada. Dada is a priori against everything, including goals and itself, but this creative negation is very amusing and is meant to be shared. Join Andrei Codrescu and his friends as they inhabit, for a few brief moments, a space that so Dada that it isn't.

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  1. City Lights Bookstore
    261 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA