Poolside (DJ Set), Tropicool

Event has passed (Sat Feb 8, 2014 - Sat Feb 8, 2014)
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Blow Up Forever Presents:

Poolside Music (3 Hour DJ Set)
Vito & Druzzi of The Rapture (DJ set)
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Poolside Music (3 hour Dj set)
The L.A.-by-way-of-Denmark-and-San Francisco duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise make music they call "daytime disco," meaning that while they use many of discos well-known tropes like funky basslines, four-on-the-floor rhythms, Latin percussion, and glittery choruses, its a more relaxed and peaceful sound they produce. Their first LP, Pacific Standard Time, totally succeeds at creating a warm and inviting, almost somnambulant, mood - so warm that the band could have called themselves "Sauna" just as easily.

Musically they can take you on a journey where Steely Dan is remixed by Larry Levan; T-Connection wakes you up from a disco nap; Donna Summer is drunk on cough syrup, and Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" is gently plucked from the country and gets you slow dancing to a beautiful end-of-the-night jam.

Throughout the night this duo can also turn up the heat, "Why You Wanna" has a pumping bassline and strutting beat, "Do You Believe" has a spunky, midtempo electric boogie feel, and "Just Fall in Love" sounds something like the Eagles jamming with Chic. Mostly though, expect a relaxed disco groove with lots of interlocking guitars, bubbling synths, and dusty percussion fills. Then mix that all together into a tropical cocktail that will knock you into a coma after only a few sips.

Poolside Links:

Tropicool (Gotta Dance Dirty, LA)
The man behind the tropical shirt and funky feel good vibes is none other than David La Melza and he happens to be a founder of both GottaDanceDirty.com and Mindtai.com. His signature DJ style is described as sun-kissed disco funk and is showcased on his highly anticipated "Waves ≠ Raves" DJ mixes featured on Gotta Dance Dirty. These forward thinking mixes have helped usher in the current disco / nu-disco movement and exposes these new laid back sounds to brand new audiences across the world often being the first to introduce new artists, songs, remixes, and edits to the masses.


  1. Mezzanine
    444 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA