One Voice: The Story of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir

Tue Aug 6
The New Parkway Theater
Film / Television, Music
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"One Voice: The Story of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir" screens at The New Parkway Theater Tuesday, August 6, 7:00PM

“The idea of changing the world with this message of deep inclusivity - this is what we need. This is what we really, really need! That’s why I hope millions of people see this film. It’s extremely moving. It’s what makes me happy about being human.”

Directed by Spencer Wilkinson, “One Voice” introduces audiences to the 70-member choir, and its talented and visionary Artistic Director, Terrance Kelly. As Wilkinson notes, “OIGC is a world-class gospel choir. Diverse in faith, race, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Yet, the choir members have a common goal: to bring joy and inspiration to the stage through Black gospel music.”

In the midst of a country that still finds itself grappling with issues of race, gender equality, and intolerance, a group in Oakland, California, continues the rich historical tradition of using music to promote peace, love, and acceptance.

“At this time in our country's politic, it's important to see and hear a group like the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir,” Wilkinson says, adding, “OIGC is rooted in Oakland, but the story is universal. As communities around the world grow increasingly diverse, they're seeking models for how to get along and create something beautiful together.”

With a history that spans three decades, OIGC has inspired audiences all over the world. Yet, it stays true to its Oakland origin, lifting the spirits of the homeless, elderly, and inmates throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From its humble beginning to OIGC’s 30th Anniversary celebration on the Paramount Theatre stage, this choir continues to circulate musical excellence through the manifestation of ONE VOICE.



  1. The New Parkway Theater 474 24th Street, Oakland, CA