O.K. Hole: Voltaire Records Takeover

Sat Jun 15, 2013
9pm - 2am
Clubs, Music
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Shock is a passionate dance and pop group from the Bay Area, CA. Formed in 2010, the trio features Terri Loewenthal on bass and lead vocals, Jordan Dalrymple on space guitar, and Dan Judd on synthesizers and drum computer. Shock specializes in live riffing and phenomenal grooves, evoking the feel of sleek electronic funk and warm emotional pop. The gentle brush of a wind-chime signals a mental journey from the pyramids to the ocean, where vocals and guitar are surrounded by warm synth layers, deep bass, and electric rhythms. The live Shock performance humanizes the dance-club and evokes a new-age experience that is both contemporary and classic.

Loose Shus
Loose Shus music is synth based electro, early eighties sounds lost in translation. He has remixed tracks for artists such as College and Mayer Hawthorne to name a few. He doesn't get out much.

Plaza is one (of many) musical moniker’s of Johan Churchill, doing a new genre/style that he coined as 'electro-lounge'. It's electro, italo, boogie goodness: dance-able deep analog live mood music that will grow on you, in you, hypnotize you and leave you wanting more. Plaza just released his debut 45, “Flip Phone/ Midnite Ocean Rendezvous” on Sound Boutique/Campari

Voltaire Records
Voltaire is a boutique San Francisco based record label that embraces the qualities of analog boogie, electro, and classic dance music to provide timeless tracks to DJs, connoisseurs and purists. Their next release, the Private Function EP, will be released on 6/18/13.


  1. Amnesia
    853 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA