Noertker's Moxie & the Holly Martins

Event has passed (Sun Apr 7, 2013 - Sun Apr 7, 2013)
Musicians Union Local 6
$8 - $10


Sunday, April 7, 2013
Noertker's Moxie
Annelise Zamula - tenor sax, flute
Jim Peterson - alto sax, flute
John Vaughn - baritone sax, flute
Bill Noertker - contrabass
Dax Compise - drums

also appearing
The Holly Martins
Kasey Knudsen- alto sax
Eric Vogler- guitar
Lorin Benedict- voice

Outsound presents
the SIMM Series at Musicians' Union Hall
116 Ninth Street (near Mission) San Francisco CA 94103
$10 general • $8 students & seniors

In 2001, bassist/composer Bill Noertker formed his own group, Noertker's Moxie, as a forum for his thematic compositions. Since then he has been composing and performing suites of music inspired by visual artists such as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Salvador Dalí, and Joan Miró, architect Antoni Gaudí, poet Rainer Maria Rilke, sculptor David Beck, and others.
Noertker has composed over 150 pieces of music for this group and has released eight CDs, including three CDs of his extended suite Sketches of Catalonia, and two volumes of his extended Blue Rider Suite. He has also composed music for three films that showcase the intimately-scaled sculptures of David Beck, and composed the score for a Nikos Koumoundouros film, The Commandments or the Nostril of Ektor Kaknavatos, that was selected for the prestigious Festival de Cannes 2010 - Short Film Corner.

The Holly Martins (named after the main character in the classic postwar film, The Third Man) is a trio of Bay Area musicians dedicated to exploring the boundaries of jazz-infused improvised music, but without the trappings of a traditional "rhythm section". This configuration requires each individual to simultaneously take on multiple roles typically assigned individual players (soloist versus accompanist), thereby promoting more open-ended explorations of the material. As to said material, The Holly Martins often construct mutations of normal jazz standards, transformed from their more familiar forms in the time domain. Likewise, their original compositions are often "jazz-like", but with twists and turns such as asymmetric harmonic rhythms, cycling rhythmic and pitch patterns, etc.

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  1. Musicians Union Local 6 116 9th Street, San Francisco, CA