Nightly Illuminated Scenes in Golden Gate Park Inspired by the Rare Tropical Flowers

Wed Jun 21 (full schedule below)
Conservatory of Flowers
Nightly – Sundown to Midnight
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San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers is Golden Gate Park’s undisputed architectural crown jewel by day. By night, however, this cherished 138-year old historical landmark that is home to a trove of tropical, horticultural riches beneath its massive redwood beams and whitewashed windows goes dark, goes quiet.

This summer, flowers power the night as the Conservatory becomes the canvas for an elegant light art installation to honor San Francisco’s city-wide celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love. Developed in partnership with San Francisco Recreation and Parks by Illuminate, the nonprofit arts group behind The Bay Lights, and Obscura Digital, a world-renowned creative studio specializing in large scale light-based art, the installation uses gobo projectors to transform the all-white landmark with a series of exquisitely illuminated scenes inspired by the rare tropical flowers within and the legacy of San Francisco’s flower children.

Visitors should check back often for updates on opening events, nightly schedules, and opportunities to share images on their favorite social media channels.



Conservatory of Flowers
100 J F Kennedy Dr
San Francisco, CA
Wed Jun 21 (Nightly – Sundown to Midnight)
Thu Jun 22 (Nightly – Sundown to Midnight)
Fri Jun 23 (Nightly – Sundown to Midnight)
Sat Jun 24 (Nightly – Sundown to Midnight)
Sun Jun 25 (Nightly – Sundown to Midnight)


  1. Conservatory of Flowers
    100 J F Kennedy Dr, San Francisco, CA