MORNING BEAR, Wolf & Crow, Brother Spellbinder

Event has passed (Sun Sep 17, 2017 - Sun Sep 17, 2017)
Neck of the Woods
$10 - $15


Morning Bear

The brainchild of Denver-based singer/songwriter John Runnels, Morning Bear is an orchestral indie folk project that channels emotion through vivid imagery and intricate melodies. Morning Bear was formed when Runnels quit his dayjob as an engineer and took a one-way ticket to Europe. From the streets of Sevilla, Spain to the botanic gardens of Copenhagen, the songs touch on following your dreams, growing older, and the doubts of life and love. Characterized by highly dynamic compositions, MorningBear’s music is a synthesis of the calm and delicate stylings of artists like Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez with the complexity and depth of the Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens. Featuring soaring vocals and atypical arrangements including cello, violin, piano and more, Morning Bear provides a textured landscape behind pop-influenced hooks.

Wolf & Crow

Zachary and Mathieu have been friends and musical partners since 2002. They share an obsession for musicology, film, history, and design, which all guide their creative process. With the inception of Wolf & Crow in 2009, the duo sought to craft a fully immersive world. They began by developing a fictional narrative with characters whose stories paralleled their true life experiences. Then set it inside a beautifully haunting American-Primitive backdrop imbued with religious and totemic mysticism.

Brother Spellbinder

Brother Spellbinder veers off the beaten track with plaintive vocals, unusual arrangements, and a variety of textures. They have been described as cabaret folk-pop, cowboy Victoriana and gypsy chamber-pop. With a variety of instruments, including cello, violin, mandolin, ukulele, & harmonica, the music ebbs and flows from dreamy to a foot stomping roar. Lyrics flow from the uncensored mythical realm of the human psyche to the here and now of human experience.


  1. Neck of the Woods 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA